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The Genealogy of Robert and Christina Barritt

Houston, Harris, Texas, USA


Tree: Dyal and Speckels

City/Town : Latitude: 29.759956, Longitude: -95.362534


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
201 RUCKER, Coye Lucille  1 Sep 1973Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I49085
202 SALLES, Alleen  11 Jul 1963Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I29415
203 SAPP, Mary Etta  7 Nov 1938Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I34727
204 SCALLAN, Nancy Geraldine  25 May 1982Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I48340
205 SHARPE, Charles Allen  4 Jan 1961Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I49164
206 SIPTAK, Kimberly Sue  11 May 1972Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13513
207 SKINNER, Eslie L.  6 Apr 1973Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I51602
208 SMITH, Charles L.  26 Apr 1932Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I43837
209 SMITH, Clara E.  22 Dec 1943Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I3671
210 SMITHEY, William Leonard  15 Mar 1977Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I35098
211 SOLLBERGER, Charles  28 Oct 1966Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I35701
212 SOLOMON, James Ross  1 Mar 1943Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I48318
213 SOLOMON, James Ross Jr.  2 Feb 1947Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I48307
214 SPARKS, Ernest Nathan  26 Nov 1950Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I34685
215 SPARKS, Mary Jane  5 Mar 1951Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I34692
216 SPARKS, William Drayton  2 Sep 1953Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I34726
217 SPECKELS, Johanna Clementine  8 Jul 1959Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I3622
218 SPITLER, Joseph Martin  7 Jun 1932Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I3736
219 SPITLER, Sarah Cerena  29 Apr 1975Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I3740
220 STAFFORD, Dot Sylvia  13 Aug 1978Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I48319
221 STEPANSKI, Steve Ike  11 Jun 1962Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I49258
222 STOCKTON, Hayden Keith  17 Oct 1960Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I23253
223 STOCKTON, Maximillian B.  15 Sep 1932Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I23236
224 STOCKTON, Rankin James  31 Jul 1976Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I23256
225 STOVALL, Oliver Alonzo  11 Jul 1972Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I3672
226 STRAUGHAN, Claralene  9 Aug 1954Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I38907
227 SWEENY, Thomas Corker  31 Oct 1941Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I2662
228 SZYMCZAK, Bessie  31 May 1959Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I49259
229 TALLEY, Margaret Chloe  27 Mar 1968Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I26108
230 TAYLOR, Claude Arthur  23 Dec 1960Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I240
231 THOMPSON, Henry Jones  25 May 1966Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I45157
232 TINSLEY, James Aubrey  24 Apr 2007Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I25588
233 TODD, Kathlyn  9 Jun 1948Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13924
234 TOMLINSON, Hendley Edgar  13 Mar 1969Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12611
235 TRAMMELL, James Henry  15 May 1969Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I43758
236 TRAMMELL, William Franklin  25 Jan 1936Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I9307
237 TRAMMELL, [Unnamed Girl]  11 Apr 1923Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I43790
238 TUMLINSON, Melinda A.  6 Feb 1959Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I3079
239 TUMLINSON, William Jefferson  24 Oct 1964Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I804
240 TUMLINSON, Willie Nell  15 Mar 1974Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I427
241 TWILLIGEAR, Abraham Noel  11 May 1954Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I27228
242 VAUGHAN, Sarah Josephine  10 Mar 1980Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I43786
243 VON ROSENBERG, Alma Julie  16 Jan 1963Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12606
244 VON ROSENBERG, Martin Arnold  10 Sep 1991Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13702
245 VON ROSENBERG, Monte Joan  22 Jun 1982Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13718
246 VOSS, Wilhelmina  14 Mar 1956Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I24911
247 VOYLES, Marshall Asberry  22 Feb 1952Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I52436
248 WARNKE, Edgar Arthur  30 Aug 1969Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I38761
249 WATT, Gilbert Clem  21 Oct 1976Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I50075
250 WENDEL, Edward Joseph  2 Jun 1965Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I43391

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
201 NIBBS, Lula Baccot  13 Jun 1900Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12141
202 NIBBS, Lula Baccot  27 Apr 1910Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12141
203 NIBBS, Lula Baccot  3 Jan 1920Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12141
204 NIBBS, Lula Baccot  4 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12141
205 NIBBS, Mary Louise  2 Dec 1860Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12136
206 NIBBS, Mary Louise  1 Jul 1870Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12136
207 NIBBS, Mary Louise  3 Jun 1880Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12136
208 NIBBS, Mollie Allen  21 Apr 1910Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I35688
209 NIBBS, Mollie Allen  3 Jan 1920Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I35688
210 NIBBS, Mollie Allen  12 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I35688
211 NOBLE, Walter Benjamin  3 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I28292
212 PARGEN, Eva John  2 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I28406
213 PARMER, Raymond Gerald  5 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I28553
214 PILLOT, Zeolide  20 Apr 1910Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36080
215 PILLOT, Zeolide  6 Jan 1920Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36080
216 PRESTRIDGE, Elton Aubrey  15 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I32367
217 RANKIN, Fannie Phillips  15 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I23254
218 REASONER, Stephen Uriah  9 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I29672
219 REDMAN, Travis Holland  10 Jan 1920Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36065
220 REDMAN, Travis Holland  11 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36065
221 REINHARDT, Minna Louise  13 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I51441
222 REINHARDT, Minna Louise  11 Apr 1940Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I51441
223 RICHARDSON, Enoch Elijah  3 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I426
224 RICHARDSON, Enoch Elijah  3 Apr 1940Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I426
225 RICHARDSON, Norman Lee  3 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I50214
226 RICHARDSON, Norman Lee  3 Apr 1940Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I50214
227 RICHMOND, Flora Dove  21 Apr 1910Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I22973
228 RICHMOND, Flora Dove  8 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I22973
229 RILEY, Hugh Hamilton  8 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I9057
230 ROBERTS, Bettie M.  13 Jun 1900Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36076
231 ROBERTS, Bettie M.  27 Apr 1910Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36076
232 ROBERTS, Bettie M.  3 Jan 1920Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36076
233 ROBERTS, Jennie Cresswell  13 Jun 1900Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36074
234 ROBERTS, Jennie Cresswell  16 Apr 1910Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36074
235 ROBERTS, Jennie Cresswell  3 Jan 1920Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36074
236 ROBERTS, Jennie Cresswell  10 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36074
237 ROBERTS, Walter Cresswell  13 Jun 1900Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36071
238 ROBERTS, Walter Cresswell  27 Apr 1910Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36071
239 ROBERTS, Walter Cresswell  3 Jan 1920Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36071
240 ROBERTS, Walter Cresswell  4 Apr 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36071
241 ROBERTS, Walter Cresswell  24 Apr 1945Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36071
242 ROBINSON, Adelind L.  2 Dec 1860Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36096
243 ROBINSON, Adelind L.  1 Jul 1870Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36096
244 ROBINSON, Adelind L.  3 Jun 1880Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36096
245 ROBINSON, Anna M.  2 Dec 1860Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36099
246 ROBINSON, Frances C.  2 Dec 1860Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36094
247 ROBINSON, Frances C.  1 Jul 1870Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36094
248 ROBINSON, Henry M.  2 Dec 1860Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36095
249 ROBINSON, Henry M.  1 Jul 1870Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36095
250 ROBINSON, William D.  2 Dec 1860Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36067

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
201 HELBLE, Marjorie Mildred  24 Apr 1980Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I38885
202 HELBLE, Monie K.  1925Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I38881
203 HELBLE, Monie K.  1929Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I38881
204 HELBLE, Monie K.  1932Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I38881
205 HELBLE, Monie K.  1940Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I38881
206 HELLMUTH, Edna Lenora  11 Jun 1944Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12561
207 HELLMUTH, Edna Lenora  26 Nov 1947Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12561
208 HELLMUTH, Irwin Bennett  11 Jun 1944Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12563
209 HELLMUTH, Irwin Bennett  26 Nov 1947Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I12563
210 HELTON, Frances Ruth  8 Feb 2002Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I3681
211 HELTON, Frank D.  22 Jun 1954Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I28270
212 HEWITT, Genie Marie  4 Apr 1935Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I50915
213 HEYNE, Frederick Jay Jr.  1 Apr 1935Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I40546
214 HEYNE, Frederick Jay Jr.  1940Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I40546
215 HEYNE, Frederick Jay Jr.  1951Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I40546
216 HEYNE, Frederick Jay Jr.  3 Jan 1982Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I40546
217 HIMLY, Paul F.  20 Jun 1953Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I30157
218 HOEFFERT, George John Jr.  24 Oct 2010Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I28983
219 HOIST, William H.  19 Apr 1957Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I37333
220 HOLLOWAY, Carl Douglas Jr.  10 Sep 2006Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I48526
221 HOOPER, Clifford E.  1 Apr 1935Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I51341
222 HOOPER, Clifford E.  27 Apr 1942Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I51341
223 HOOPER, J. C.  1 Apr 1935Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I51340
224 HOOTON, Margaret Burta  28 Jan 1981Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I10052
225 HORD, Carroll Foster  13 Sep 1983Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I313
226 HORNBERGER, Edwin Walter  13 May 2008Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36078
227 HOWARD, Minnie Nell  28 Jan 1989Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I46870
228 HUEY, Frank Joyce  31 Jan 1919Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I36103
229 HUGGINS, John Michael  5 Oct 2011Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I40548
230 HUMASON, John Preston  29 Aug 1954Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I37909
231 HUNTER, Hallie  24 May 1938Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I35686
232 HUTCHINSON, Clarence Walton  27 Nov 2007Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I9005
233 HUTCHINSON, Robbie Lee  5 Nov 2007Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I29281
234 IMKEN, Emma Helen  1925Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I38546
235 IMKEN, Emma Helen  1929Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I38546
236 IMKEN, Emma Helen  1932Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I38546
237 IMKEN, Emma Helen  1940Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I38546
238 IMKEN, Harold Gerhard  1951Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I38542
239 IMKEN, Viola Fredricke  13 Nov 1965Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I38541
240 JACKSON, Bessie Madora  18 Aug 1997Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I34222
241 JEANES, John Hobdy  12 Sep 1974Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I29649
242 JEANES, John Wesley  22 Jun 1930Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I29654
243 JEANES, Otha Vernon  23 Dec 1985Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I52317
244 JENKINS, Barbara Jean  17 Sep 1981Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I44012
245 JENKINS, Barbara Jean  3 Jan 1982Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I44012
246 JENKINS, Clifford Matthew  25 May 1988Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I35597
247 JENNINGS, Gordon Lanier  1 Aug 2002Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I42686
248 JENTHO, Lydia Alma  19 May 1960Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I38557
249 JOHNSON, Alice Helen  17 Oct 1942Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I13917
250 JOLLY, Norman Glen  18 Apr 2006Houston, Harris, Texas, USA I32591

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