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The Genealogy of Robert and Christina Barritt

Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA


Tree: Dyal and Speckels

City/Town : Latitude: 40.985244, Longitude: -86.8914


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 GUDEMAN, Elsie Margaret  21 Jan 1908Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I15765 Dyal and Speckels 
2 GUDEMAN, Louise Ann  10 Jun 1905Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I15763 Dyal and Speckels 
3 GUDEMAN, Melvin Stanley  23 Jan 1910Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I15766 Dyal and Speckels 
4 GUDEMAN, Sidney Franklin  30 Oct 1906Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I15764 Dyal and Speckels 
5 GUTWEIN, Clarence Philip  13 Dec 1914Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I9287 Dyal and Speckels 
6 GUTWEIN, Lewis Conrad  11 Feb 1916Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I9288 Dyal and Speckels 
7 GUTWEIN, Richard Howard  31 Dec 1920Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I17486 Dyal and Speckels 
8 MORRIS, Eva Gertrude  8 Apr 1917Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I18634 Dyal and Speckels 
9 MYERS, Evelyn Anna  13 Aug 1895Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I15980 Dyal and Speckels 
10 ONKEN, Edward James  8 May 1909Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I18636 Dyal and Speckels 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 GUDEMAN, Cordelia Eunice  23 Jun 1973Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I15687 Dyal and Speckels 
2 GUDEMAN, David  17 Mar 1949Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I15661 Dyal and Speckels 
3 GUDEMAN, Ida Mary  10 Aug 1940Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I15688 Dyal and Speckels 
4 GUDEMAN, Kathryn Elvina  30 Dec 1968Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I15755 Dyal and Speckels 
5 GUTWEIN, Conrad  15 Nov 1972Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I16373 Dyal and Speckels 
6 LEMAN, Henry  15 Dec 1973Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I15741 Dyal and Speckels 
7 LEMAN, Louisa  1 May 1936Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I15754 Dyal and Speckels 
8 WEYENETH, Evodia  26 Jan 1929Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA I15753 Dyal and Speckels 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 GEEF / GUDEMAN  21 Sep 1940Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA F11000 Dyal and Speckels 
2 GUDEMAN / GETZ  15 Sep 1918Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA F10944 Dyal and Speckels 
3 GUDEMAN / GETZ  16 Nov 1924Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA F10993 Dyal and Speckels 
4 GUDEMAN / KAHLER  2 Mar 1924Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA F10994 Dyal and Speckels 
5 GUDEMAN / MYERS  29 Mar 1921Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA F10992 Dyal and Speckels 
6 GUTWEIN / GUDEMAN  4 Jan 1914Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA F10940 Dyal and Speckels 
7 ONKEN / GUDEMAN  25 May 1940Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA F10998 Dyal and Speckels 
8 PFISTER / GUDEMAN  24 Dec 1911Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA F10939 Dyal and Speckels 
9 RAPP / GUDEMAN  16 May 1948Francesville, Pulaski, Indiana, USA F10997 Dyal and Speckels