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The Genealogy of Robert and Christina Barritt

Williamson County, Texas, USA


Tree: Dyal and Speckels
Notes: county seat: Georgetown

County/Shire : Latitude: 30.637376, Longitude: -97.67701

Tree: Kessie and Jackson
Notes: county seat: Georgetown

County/Shire : Latitude: 30.6326942, Longitude: -97.6772311


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLMAN, Dora Lee  5 Mar 1883Williamson County, Texas, USA I42173
2 BARR, Farrah Ann  13 Jan 1932Williamson County, Texas, USA I25042
3 BERRY, Elsie Pauline  18 Mar 1924Williamson County, Texas, USA I42662
4 CHAMPION, Minnie Pearl  23 Feb 1881Williamson County, Texas, USA I51821
5 DONNELL, Alice Lenora  25 Mar 1862Williamson County, Texas, USA I49893
6 FALKENBERG, Carolyn Lillian  24 Feb 1939Williamson County, Texas, USA I38874
7 KRAUSER, William Henry  7 May 1908Williamson County, Texas, USA I27513
8 MCANDREW, Wendell Evert  31 Jan 1896Williamson County, Texas, USA I29294
9 NOBLE, Lee  18 Oct 1874Williamson County, Texas, USA I51820
10 SHERMAN, Bennett Peel  15 Jan 1865Williamson County, Texas, USA I51973
11 SPECKELS, Genevieve Eva  3 Jan 1929Williamson County, Texas, USA I6126
12 TUMLINSON, Anna Lou  23 Mar 1921Williamson County, Texas, USA I10507
13 TUMLINSON, Edna Jewell  17 Jun 1924Williamson County, Texas, USA I10483
14 TUMLINSON, Esmer Laverne  4 Jun 1913Williamson County, Texas, USA I10466
15 TUMLINSON, Melvin Martin  14 Feb 1915Williamson County, Texas, USA I10459
16 TUMLINSON, Wilford Hastin  28 May 1911Williamson County, Texas, USA I10452
17 WILLIAMS, Penelope Jane  23 May 1850Williamson County, Texas, USA I31393
18 WITCHER, Dora Edna  13 Sep 1897Williamson County, Texas, USA I10481


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (EULENFELD), Bertha  17 Oct 1965Williamson County, Texas, USA I24905
2 (NOBLE), Lillian Frances  30 Jul 1938Williamson County, Texas, USA I24942
3 BARR, Farrah Ann  20 Oct 1987Williamson County, Texas, USA I25042
4 BURLESON, Elizabeth  15 Feb 1920Williamson County, Texas, USA I1989
5 BURLESON, John Shipman  31 Mar 1874Williamson County, Texas, USA I1942
6 CONDRA, Leonard Tilden  28 Nov 1966Williamson County, Texas, USA I24921
7 CUBA, John Leopold  9 Dec 1962Williamson County, Texas, USA I13520
8 EULENFELD, Henry William  11 Sep 1974Williamson County, Texas, USA I6169
9 EULENFELD, Otto  2 Feb 1966Williamson County, Texas, USA I24904
10 FALKENBERG, Spencer Oscar  14 May 1991Williamson County, Texas, USA I38873
11 GRESHAM, Oliver Pinkney Jr.  1 Jul 1962Williamson County, Texas, USA I25210
12 GUTHERIE, Lillian Amanda  25 Apr 1985Williamson County, Texas, USA I5558
13 HALLINAN, Dorothy Fay  9 Dec 1994Williamson County, Texas, USA I28780
14 HIPOLITO, Manuel M.  17 Aug 1982Williamson County, Texas, USA I51189
15 HUGHES, Mamie Lee  14 May 1974Williamson County, Texas, USA I6111
16 IMKEN, Eddie Emil  20 Sep 1994Williamson County, Texas, USA I38543
17 JANSA, Albina  1 Dec 1964Williamson County, Texas, USA I13521
18 KERN, Jack Charles Jr.  12 Jul 1997Williamson County, Texas, USA I13541
19 KIESLING, Magdalena  10 Apr 1958Williamson County, Texas, USA I24907
20 LEACH, Naomi  2 Mar 1992Williamson County, Texas, USA I31831
21 LEFORS, Henry Collins  14 Jun 1968Williamson County, Texas, USA I23429
22 LEWIS, Madge Claire  29 Dec 1999Williamson County, Texas, USA I22711
23 LUNDBLAD, Lawrence Adolph  1 Dec 1981Williamson County, Texas, USA I25665
24 MCANDREW, Wendell Evert  18 Jun 1952Williamson County, Texas, USA I29294
25 MCCRARY, Willie Arthur  14 Nov 1992Williamson County, Texas, USA I27924
26 MYERS, Audra Andrew  17 Aug 1990Williamson County, Texas, USA I13051
27 NEAL, Lena  5 Jun 1967Williamson County, Texas, USA I661
28 NEIDIG, Alwin Willie  15 Feb 1994Williamson County, Texas, USA I25195
29 NOBLE, Donald Lacy  9 Aug 1995Williamson County, Texas, USA I24940
30 NOBLE, Donald Levi  18 Jan 1941Williamson County, Texas, USA I24941
31 POLZIN, Annie M.  17 Apr 1974Williamson County, Texas, USA I3712
32 POLZIN, Erwin  6 Sep 1971Williamson County, Texas, USA I24923
33 POLZIN, Frank  28 Dec 1939Williamson County, Texas, USA I24906
34 RICE, Atlas A.  19 May 1929Williamson County, Texas, USA I24938
35 SEAMAN, Ishmael Worth  5 Feb 1997Williamson County, Texas, USA I51297
36 SORENSON, Robert Louis  3 Nov 1996Williamson County, Texas, USA I25041
37 STANFORD, Haywood Lefay  26 Jul 1993Williamson County, Texas, USA I34099
38 UPCHURCH, Will  19 Jan 1948Williamson County, Texas, USA I51957
39 VON ROSENBERG, Gladys Irene  30 Jul 1993Williamson County, Texas, USA I12689
40 WALEY, Solon Madison  13 Sep 1986Williamson County, Texas, USA I41042
41 WINSTEAD, Maggie Nettie  8 Oct 1995Williamson County, Texas, USA I41046
42 WUPPERMAN, Ernest Walter  17 Feb 1986Williamson County, Texas, USA I12708


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 (CLUCK), Allie  27 Jul 1860Williamson County, Texas, USA I41022
2 (CLUCK), Allie  8 Jun 1880Williamson County, Texas, USA I41022
3 (EULENFELD), Bertha  8 Apr 1930Williamson County, Texas, USA I24905
4 (HUGHES), Jane  9 May 1910Williamson County, Texas, USA I9986
5 (HUGHES), Jane  16 Jan 1920Williamson County, Texas, USA I9986
6 (ISBELL), Mattie  2 Jun 1900Williamson County, Texas, USA I26623
7 (ISBELL), Mattie  18 Apr 1910Williamson County, Texas, USA I26623
8 (LUNDBLAD), Hilda  6 Jun 1900Williamson County, Texas, USA I25676
9 (LUNDBLAD), Hilda  13 May 1910Williamson County, Texas, USA I25676
10 (RICE), Maggie B.  5 May 1910Williamson County, Texas, USA I24939
11 (RICE), Maggie B.  12 Feb 1920Williamson County, Texas, USA I24939
12 ASCHEN, Laura  19 Jun 1900Williamson County, Texas, USA I32644
13 ASCHEN, Reiner  19 Jun 1900Williamson County, Texas, USA I6090
14 ASCHEN, Reinhard Jr.  18 Jun 1900Williamson County, Texas, USA I2932
15 BAILEY, Celete A.  20 Jul 1860Williamson County, Texas, USA I49014
16 BENNETT, Ola May  18 Apr 1910Williamson County, Texas, USA I10381
17 BERRY, Arnett Alvis  28 Feb 1920Williamson County, Texas, USA I41065
18 BERRY, Arnett Alvis  26 Apr 1930Williamson County, Texas, USA I41066
19 BERRY, Arnett Alvis  26 Apr 1930Williamson County, Texas, USA I41065
20 BERRY, Elsie Pauline  26 Apr 1930Williamson County, Texas, USA I42662
21 BERRY, James C.  28 Feb 1920Williamson County, Texas, USA I42664
22 BLACKLOCK, Martin Luther  12 May 1910Williamson County, Texas, USA I24182
23 BLACKMAN, Joseph Elzy  19 Jun 1880Williamson County, Texas, USA I30388
24 BOWMER, Charles William  8 Jun 1880Williamson County, Texas, USA I41062
25 BOWMER, DeWitt Ray  4 Jun 1900Williamson County, Texas, USA I32867
26 BOWMER, Joe S.  4 May 1910Williamson County, Texas, USA I39457
27 BOWMER, Myrtle R.  4 May 1910Williamson County, Texas, USA I39456
28 BOWMER, Myrtle R.  14 Jan 1920Williamson County, Texas, USA I39456
29 BOWMER, Ruth  4 May 1910Williamson County, Texas, USA I39458
30 BOWMER, Sarah Ruth  12 Jun 1880Williamson County, Texas, USA I39462
31 BOWMER, Sarah Ruth  18 Apr 1910Williamson County, Texas, USA I39462
32 BOWMER, Thomas A.  8 Jun 1880Williamson County, Texas, USA I39455
33 BRANCH, Lillie Mae  4 Apr 1930Williamson County, Texas, USA I51958
34 BRANCH, Lillie Mae  8 May 1940Williamson County, Texas, USA I51958
35 BREEDEN, John Henry  30 Jun 1900Williamson County, Texas, USA I34046
36 BROWNING, James Worley  18 Jun 1900Williamson County, Texas, USA I40766
37 BROWNING, Jessie V.  18 Jun 1900Williamson County, Texas, USA I40768
38 BURKHART, Glenn Authur  16 Apr 1940Williamson County, Texas, USA I50601
39 BURKHART, Olen Clyde  16 Apr 1940Williamson County, Texas, USA I50636
40 CHAMPION, Mary Lou  11 Jun 1900Williamson County, Texas, USA I51974
41 CHAMPION, Mary Lou  14 Apr 1910Williamson County, Texas, USA I51974
42 CHAMPION, Minnie Pearl  19 Jun 1900Williamson County, Texas, USA I51821
43 CHAMPION, Minnie Pearl  19 Apr 1910Williamson County, Texas, USA I51821
44 CLARK, Mary Viola  14 Jun 1900Williamson County, Texas, USA I24922
45 CLUCK, Allie E.  4 May 1910Williamson County, Texas, USA I420
46 CLUCK, Boyce Newman  16 May 1910Williamson County, Texas, USA I41025
47 CLUCK, Boyce Newman  29 Apr 1940Williamson County, Texas, USA I41025
48 CLUCK, Edward Smith  29 Apr 1940Williamson County, Texas, USA I41030
49 CLUCK, James  27 Jul 1860Williamson County, Texas, USA I41021
50 CLUCK, John C.  27 Jul 1860Williamson County, Texas, USA I415

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Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BLACKLOCK, Martin Calvin  12 Jul 1944Williamson County, Texas, USA I6113
2 BRANCH, Lillie Mae  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I51958
3 CLUCK, Boyce Newman  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I41025
4 CLUCK, Edward Smith  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I41030
5 CLUCK, Eugene Ray  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I41032
6 CLUCK, Eugene Ray  31 Oct 1942Williamson County, Texas, USA I41032
7 CLUCK, Joe Smith  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I41027
8 CLUCK, Martha Cornelia  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I419
9 CLUCK, Paul Lee  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I41029
10 DAVIS, Jerome Otis  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I39460
11 FERGUSON, Sam Riley  5 Jun 1917Williamson County, Texas, USA I10456
12 MATEJOWSKY, Antonie Christiana  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I3625
13 MCGEE, Melvin L.  4 Sep 1942Williamson County, Texas, USA I44327
14 PAVELKA, John Joseph  19 Mar 1942Williamson County, Texas, USA I24445
15 RICE, Myrtle Lorraine  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I6432
16 SMITH, Lydia Amanda  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I41028
17 SMITH, Virginia Ermine  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I39454
18 SPECKELS, Albert George Eduard  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I3623
19 SPECKELS, Annabelle  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I6138
20 SPECKELS, Elton John  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I3718
21 SPECKELS, Genevieve Eva  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I6126
22 SPECKELS, Kenny Carl  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I3969
23 UPCHURCH, Will  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I51957
24 WADE, Merle Kathleen  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I47943
25 WHITED, Lura Curtis  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I41041
26 WYATT, Eva Eunice  1 Apr 1935Williamson County, Texas, USA I6123


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOWMER / CLUCK  19 Nov 1890Williamson County, Texas, USA F1205
2 BURLESON / KIDD  19 Dec 1867Williamson County, Texas, USA F8703
3 CLEMENTS / MOORE  25 Jun 1895Williamson County, Texas, USA F3896
4 KIDD / BAILEY  22 Sep 1849Williamson County, Texas, USA F32426
5 MOORE / OWEN  3 Nov 1891Williamson County, Texas, USA F3906
6 NOBLE / DAVIS  22 Aug 1918Williamson County, Texas, USA F27507
7 SHERMAN / BOWMER  6 Oct 1914Williamson County, Texas, USA F26575
8 WALEY / RUSSELL  25 Apr 1936Williamson County, Texas, USA F27520
9 WARREN / MOORE  9 Aug 1853Williamson County, Texas, USA F3788

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