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The Genealogy of Robert and Christina Barritt

Tennessee, USA


Tree: Dyal and Speckels

State/Province : Latitude: 35.830735, Longitude: -85.978745


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 (ARNOLD), Amy  Abt 1819Tennessee, USA I9577 Dyal and Speckels 
2 (ASHMORE), Mary E.  Abt 1890Tennessee, USA I29976 Dyal and Speckels 
3 (BEAZLEY), Tennessee  Abt 1832Tennessee, USA I54066 Dyal and Speckels 
4 (BOYKIN), Aurora  Abt 1824Tennessee, USA I30264 Dyal and Speckels 
5 (BURLESON), Mary  Abt 1828Tennessee, USA I7230 Dyal and Speckels 
6 (CLUCK), Allie  Abt 1820Tennessee, USA I41022 Dyal and Speckels 
7 (CRUMLEY), Susan  Abt 1826Tennessee, USA I1235 Kessie and Jackson 
8 (CULLUM), Icy D.  Jul 1856Tennessee, USA I27601 Dyal and Speckels 
9 (FORTNER), Sarah  Jan 1840Tennessee, USA I2254 Dyal and Speckels 
10 (GOODWIN), Madora  Abt 1858Tennessee, USA I28954 Dyal and Speckels 
11 (HYATT), Mary Ann  24 Apr 1814Tennessee, USA I118 Dyal and Speckels 
12 (JOHNSON), Nancy E.  Oct 1850Tennessee, USA I4067 Dyal and Speckels 
13 (LEONARD), Bettie W.  Dec 1867Tennessee, USA I12161 Dyal and Speckels 
14 (LESTER), Ida  12 Apr 1869Tennessee, USA I25482 Dyal and Speckels 
15 (MCCURDY), Georgia Ash  Nov 1875Tennessee, USA I12089 Dyal and Speckels 
16 (OWEN), Elizabeth A.  Abt 1826Tennessee, USA I1911 Dyal and Speckels 
17 (STANLEY), Lina  Abt 1845Tennessee, USA I1815 Dyal and Speckels 
18 (STEWART), Sarah  Jan 1845Tennessee, USA I3718 Kessie and Jackson 
19 (STONE), Sarah  Abt 1814Tennessee, USA I5787 Kessie and Jackson 
20 (TIDWELL), A.  Abt 1838Tennessee, USA I18496 Dyal and Speckels 
21 (TUMLINSON), Parthena  Abt 1842Tennessee, USA I18513 Dyal and Speckels 
22 (WEBB), Karen Sophronia  Jan 1842Tennessee, USA I1036 Dyal and Speckels 
23 (WILLIAMS), Ada  Abt 1894Tennessee, USA I45795 Dyal and Speckels 
24 (WILLIAMS), Mary O.  Jun 1831Tennessee, USA I5779 Kessie and Jackson 
25 (WISE), Ellen M.  1832Tennessee, USA I18476 Dyal and Speckels 
26 ALDRIDGE, Nancy F.  Abt 1846Tennessee, USA I2931 Dyal and Speckels 
27 ARNOLD, James H.  Abt 1820Tennessee, USA I28318 Dyal and Speckels 
28 ARNOLD, James Madison  Abt 1844Tennessee, USA I10081 Dyal and Speckels 
29 ASHER, Thomas  Abt 1800Tennessee, USA I693 Dyal and Speckels 
30 ASHMORE, Melvin  Jan 1888Tennessee, USA I29975 Dyal and Speckels 
31 BARBEE, Eudora Adelaide  4 Feb 1841Tennessee, USA I1734 Kessie and Jackson 
32 BARBEE, Harriet Addeen  13 Jun 1838Tennessee, USA I1733 Kessie and Jackson 
33 BARBEE, James Robert  7 Nov 1831Tennessee, USA I1680 Kessie and Jackson 
34 BARBEE, Martha Jane  18 Aug 1834Tennessee, USA I1681 Kessie and Jackson 
35 BEACHUM, John A.  Abt 1834Tennessee, USA I7640 Dyal and Speckels 
36 BEADLE, Susan Jane  28 Aug 1846Tennessee, USA I14464 Dyal and Speckels 
37 BEAZLEY, Charles G.  Abt 1821Tennessee, USA I54065 Dyal and Speckels 
38 BEAZLEY, James Andrew  21 Oct 1864Tennessee, USA I53545 Dyal and Speckels 
39 BISHOP, Alfred  1 Jan 1801Tennessee, USA I5825 Dyal and Speckels 
40 BLANTON, Elijah  Abt 1810Tennessee, USA I4403 Dyal and Speckels 
41 BOYD, Douglas  Abt 1843Tennessee, USA I5794 Kessie and Jackson 
42 BOYD, George C.  Abt 1839Tennessee, USA I5793 Kessie and Jackson 
43 BOYD, John C.  Abt 1841Tennessee, USA I5792 Kessie and Jackson 
44 BOYD, Martha Ann  Abt 1834Tennessee, USA I5790 Kessie and Jackson 
45 BOYD, Philip L.  Abt 1837Tennessee, USA I5791 Kessie and Jackson 
46 BRODIE, Ethalinda E.  1826Tennessee, USA I1146 Kessie and Jackson 
47 BROWN, Medicus Lattie  Jul 1859Tennessee, USA I33150 Dyal and Speckels 
48 BROWN, Sanford  30 Dec 1830Tennessee, USA I35262 Dyal and Speckels 
49 BRYAN, Hampton L.  15 Jan 1835Tennessee, USA I34519 Dyal and Speckels 
50 BURLESON, Aaron  Abt 1833Tennessee, USA I1961 Dyal and Speckels 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BURLESON, Aaron  1782Tennessee, USA I1572 Dyal and Speckels 
2 BURLESON, Louisa  31 Jan 1868Tennessee, USA I7587 Dyal and Speckels 
3 BURLESON, Malinda  12 Apr 1855Tennessee, USA I7584 Dyal and Speckels 
4 BURLESON, Moses  29 Apr 1828Tennessee, USA I6655 Dyal and Speckels 
5 BUTTRILL, Harlan Crawford  1 Apr 1957Tennessee, USA I3186 Kessie and Jackson 
6 HUNT, William A.  18 Apr 1858Tennessee, USA I1202 Kessie and Jackson 
7 MIMS, Zerelda Amanda  13 Nov 1900Tennessee, USA I4227 Dyal and Speckels 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BARBEE / OGBURN  1822Tennessee, USA F789 Kessie and Jackson 
2 BOYD / OGBURN  Abt 1833Tennessee, USA F790 Kessie and Jackson 
3 BURLESON / COLEMAN  1830Tennessee, USA F5855 Dyal and Speckels 
4 OGBURN / HOWELL  24 Dec 1818Tennessee, USA F776 Kessie and Jackson 
5 ROGERS / BURLESON  1827Tennessee, USA F625 Dyal and Speckels