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The Genealogy of Robert and Christina Barritt

Temple, Bell, Texas, USA


Tree: Dyal and Speckels

City/Town : Latitude: 31.0982344, Longitude: -97.342782


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BURLESON, Robert Clair Jr.  24 Oct 1937Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I26152
2 GANN, Louis Carlton  27 Mar 1901Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I9277
3 KNIGHT, Jody Dale  24 Feb 1977Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I24817
4 LESLIE, John Conrad  23 Sep 1900Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I36088
5 MATL, James Alan  19 Mar 1956Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I49817
6 MCDONALD, Jessie Louise  22 Jan 1928Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I46074
7 SALLES, William Allen  14 Jun 1890Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I26525
8 VON ROSENBERG, Charles Walter  6 May 1907Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I10209
9 VON ROSENBERG, Edgar Lynn  8 Jun 1928Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I36177
10 WRIGHT, Mary Anna  14 Feb 1875Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I51606


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Alexander Eugen  12 Nov 1965Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I10143
2 BARKER, Dora Ruth  9 Sep 1975Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I25230
3 BURLESON, Horace Edward  15 Apr 1958Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I30377
4 BURLESON, Robert Clair Jr.  20 Apr 2009Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I26152
5 BURLESON, Worth Bruce  13 Sep 1975Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I45819
6 CUDE, Connie Lynn  23 May 2007Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I45237
7 DOBBINS, Charles Alvin  31 May 1954Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I10778
8 EAKEN, Richard Elmer  22 Sep 1965Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I30266
9 FULLER, Clayson  1 Mar 1994Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I23105
10 FULLING, Herman  24 Mar 1948Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I2511
11 GLASER, August Jr.  2 Feb 1976Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I39243
12 HAILES, Henry Jackson  15 Oct 1971Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I51769
13 HEGAR, Anna Kristina  4 Aug 1993Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I50846
14 HELLMUTH, Edgar Max  18 Oct 1958Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I12545
15 HEWETT, Joseph Augustus  1 Nov 1935Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I31381
16 JONES, Charles Harold  23 Sep 1963Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I52772
17 JUNEK, Ernest Jerry  8 Feb 2002Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I50845
18 KOENIG, Ernest Henry  23 Apr 1964Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I51791
19 LOVE, Gloria Susanne  29 Aug 1964Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I34322
20 LOVE, Janell  30 Apr 1961Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I34316
21 LOVE, Wilburn Odell  17 Mar 1997Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I34032
22 MASSENGALE, Ada Lee  21 Nov 1962Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I52773
23 MORGAN, Linnie Brooks  2 Oct 1959Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I32868
24 MOSLEY, Joseph D.  30 Oct 1958Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I31463
25 NEANS, William Robert Glen  1967Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I12493
26 SCOTT, Dorothea Jeanne  25 Mar 2007Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I51555
27 SPITLER, Susan Elizabeth  27 Jun 1934Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I3780
28 STAPP, Eska Fay  11 Apr 1980Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I48595
29 TANDY, Clyde Temple Jr.  3 May 2003Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I25933
30 TUMLINSON, Harry Lee Jr.  30 Nov 2016Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I41214
31 TUMLINSON, Irvin Eugene  7 Dec 2012Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I27585
32 TUMLINSON, Mary Elizabeth  3 Apr 2017Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I24768
33 TUMLINSON, Thomas Lee  6 Aug 2008Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I29699
34 URBAN, Emma Louise  9 Jan 1962Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I3903
35 URBAN, Minna Pauline  17 May 1963Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I3904
36 VICK, Nannie Elizabeth  22 Jun 1894Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I50837
37 VON ROSENBERG, Charles Walter  30 Dec 1993Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I10209
38 VON ROSENBERG, Edgar Hugo  25 Jul 1990Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I10207
39 VON ROSENBERG, Hugo Heinrich  2 Jul 1972Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I3891
40 WILSON, Bertie Lee  8 May 2008Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I53001
41 WILSON, Horace Derrick  17 Sep 1976Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I42666


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARKER, William A.  12 Oct 1953Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I40369


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 (BURLESON), Mabel  10 Jan 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I25633
2 ALEXANDER, Virginia E.  3 Jan 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I1761
3 BALLARD, Sarah E.  13 Jan 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I31382
4 BOWMER, DeWitt Ray  8 Jan 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I32867
5 BOWMER, DeWitt Ray  7 Apr 1930Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I32867
6 BOWMER, Margaret Ruth  8 Jan 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I26150
7 BOWMER, Margaret Ruth  7 Apr 1930Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I26150
8 BURLESON, Worth Moore  10 Jan 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I25455
9 COOKSEY, Mike C.  14 Apr 1930Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I27145
10 CRAWFORD, Clara Bell  14 Apr 1930Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I27146
11 DAVIS, Joe Gurley  3 Jan 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I9002
12 DAVIS, Mary Louise  3 Jan 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I9004
13 DAVIS, Robert Lee  3 Jan 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I1760
14 DAVIS, William Lee  3 Jan 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I1762
15 FINCHER, Anna  12 Apr 1930Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I36183
16 GRESHAM, Oliver Pinkney Jr.  27 Apr 1910Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I25210
17 HAHN, Myrtle Ardelia  28 Feb 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I836
18 HEWETT, Joseph Augustus  13 Jan 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I31381
19 HEWETT, Joseph Augustus  14 Apr 1930Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I31381
20 HEWETT, Otis Ballard  15 Apr 1910Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I12328
21 HEWETT, Otis Ballard  13 Jan 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I12328
22 KNIGHT, J D  10 Apr 1930Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I24818
23 LEHOTSKY, Victor E.  2 Apr 1930Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I51997
24 LEHOTSKY, Victor E.  11 Apr 1940Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I51997
25 MORGAN, Linnie Brooks  8 Jan 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I32868
26 MORGAN, Linnie Brooks  7 Apr 1930Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I32868
27 PARGEN, Eva John  9 Jan 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I28406
28 SALLES, William Allen  29 Apr 1910Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I26525
29 SPANHEL, Lydia  2 Apr 1930Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I51998
30 SPANHEL, Lydia  11 Apr 1940Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I51998
31 VON ROSENBERG, Pauline  13 Jan 1920Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I9310


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ALBERS, Inez Alma  1 Apr 2000Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I29647
2 ALBERS, Col. Morris Edward  8 Feb 2018Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I6248
3 BARKER, Dora Ruth  1 Apr 1935Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I25230
4 BARKER, William A.  1 Apr 1935Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I40369
5 BELL, DeAlva Faye  26 May 1990Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I48553
6 BODART, Albin Jules Joseph  2 Apr 1978Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I35656
7 BOWMER, DeWitt Ray  5 Jun 1917Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I32867
8 BOWMER, Margaret Ruth  24 Oct 1992Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I26150
9 BURLESON, Robert Clair  11 Jul 2003Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I26149
10 CASEY, Verdia Belle  1 Jul 2001Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I48236
11 CLEMENTS, Jamie Hager  26 Feb 2009Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I42139
12 COOKSEY, Mike C.  Apr 1980Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I27145
13 CRAWFORD, Clara Bell  12 Dec 1979Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I27146
14 FLINT, Bess Lynn  10 Jul 2001Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I10208
15 FULWILER, Jarrett Law  7 Jul 1982Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I32872
16 GLASER, Alfred A.  6 Feb 1977Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I39238
17 GLASER, August Jr.  2 Feb 1976Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I39243
18 HEGAR, Anna Kristina  4 Aug 1993Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I50846
19 KEYES, Robert Earl  23 Dec 1997Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I48602
20 LEHOTSKY, Victor E.  1 Apr 1935Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I51997
21 LEHOTSKY, Victor E.  26 May 2000Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I51997
22 LOVE, John Allen  10 Jan 1993Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I34053
23 MCDONALD, Jessie Louise  31 Aug 2003Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I46074
24 MORGAN, Linnie Brooks  2 Oct 1959Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I32868
25 PFANNSTIEL, Frieda  13 Apr 1983Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I39244
26 SHERIDAN, Tempie  1 Apr 1935Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I40370
27 SPANHEL, Lydia  1 Apr 1935Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I51998
28 SPANHEL, Lydia  5 Mar 1976Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I51998
29 SPARGER, Mary Elizabeth  30 Nov 1987Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I32873
30 STAPP, Eska Fay  11 Apr 1980Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I48595
31 TUMLINSON, Mary Elizabeth  27 Mar 2004Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I24768
32 TUMLINSON, Mary Elizabeth  5 Feb 2011Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I24768
33 TUMLINSON, Mary Elizabeth  30 Jul 2013Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I24768
34 URBAN, Emma Louise  9 Jan 1962Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I3903
35 VON ROSENBERG, Hugo Heinrich  2 Jul 1972Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I3891
36 VON ROSENBERG, Ovlee Emma Williamae  21 Jun 2003Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I13953
37 WARNER, Ora Lee  3 Jan 2008Temple, Bell, Texas, USA I48603


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BUTTRILL / NEAL  1907Temple, Bell, Texas, USA F277
2 VON ROSENBERG / FLINT  14 Jul 1926Temple, Bell, Texas, USA F7219

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