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The Genealogy of Robert and Christina Barritt

Tarrant County, Texas, USA


Tree: Dyal and Speckels
Notes: county seat: Fort Worth

County/Shire : Latitude: 32.757487, Longitude: -97.333181


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEAKLEY, Dennis Alvin  18 Jun 1950Tarrant County, Texas, USA I34150
2 BOWMAN, Emma Sessions  3 Jul 1861Tarrant County, Texas, USA I49738
3 BUTTRILL, Thomas Floyd  14 Nov 1934Tarrant County, Texas, USA I2811
4 CAWVEY, Larry William  27 Aug 1952Tarrant County, Texas, USA I34225
5 CHEATHAM, Mary Jo  18 Oct 1937Tarrant County, Texas, USA I26796
6 DICKENS, Raymond L.  7 Jun 1922Tarrant County, Texas, USA I31009
7 GEFFERT, Bret Edward  9 Dec 1959Tarrant County, Texas, USA I492
8 GRUNWALD, Jack Olean  24 Aug 1925Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36391
9 HARDIN, (Unnamed Boy)  18 Jan 1982Tarrant County, Texas, USA I40077
10 HARDIN, Alison Paige  22 Mar 1983Tarrant County, Texas, USA I40078
11 HUBER, Amelia Minnie  30 Sep 1879Tarrant County, Texas, USA I12932
12 LYNCH, Charles Augustus  25 Mar 1940Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36368
13 MARKUM, Jerry Wayne  26 Nov 1950Tarrant County, Texas, USA I44426
14 MEISENHEIMER, Paula Jean  2 Dec 1942Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36369
15 O'REILLY, John W. Jr.  3 Aug 1921Tarrant County, Texas, USA I30845
16 PADDICK, Tiney Mae  27 Apr 1960Tarrant County, Texas, USA I40096
17 POLLY, Charlie Ray  11 Sep 1930Tarrant County, Texas, USA I33352
18 ROBINSON, Helen Bee  15 Aug 1939Tarrant County, Texas, USA I13166
19 ROPER, Thurman William Jr.  11 Jan 1920Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36412
20 TUMLINSON, Beverly Jean  27 Nov 1949Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36829
21 TURNER, Regina Yvonne  8 Aug 1949Tarrant County, Texas, USA I40086
22 WEST, Jeremy Michael  17 Nov 1973Tarrant County, Texas, USA I5093


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (BURLESON), Iva M.  10 Mar 1979Tarrant County, Texas, USA I38711
2 (KRULL), Anna Maria  10 Aug 1947Tarrant County, Texas, USA I24563
3 (SAVOY), Myrtle B.  21 Apr 1967Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36989
4 AMIRAULT, Gerald Joseph  14 Apr 1989Tarrant County, Texas, USA I40093
5 ANDERS, Gustav Charles  18 Feb 1975Tarrant County, Texas, USA I24512
6 ASHWORTH, Ava Jane  25 Mar 1985Tarrant County, Texas, USA I28417
7 BOYD, Lilith  7 Dec 1997Tarrant County, Texas, USA I32219
8 BRANDON, Willie Viola  25 Mar 1998Tarrant County, Texas, USA I44428
9 BURLESON, Nora  2 Apr 1977Tarrant County, Texas, USA I37605
10 BURLESON, Ralph Waldo  7 Oct 1984Tarrant County, Texas, USA I38710
11 BURLESON, Ruby W.  8 Apr 1990Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36975
12 BUTTRILL, John Wilkins  30 Apr 1930Tarrant County, Texas, USA I1066
13 BUTTRILL, William Harvey  13 Sep 1958Tarrant County, Texas, USA I2669
14 CARR, Floyd Allen  2 Feb 1998Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36414
15 CASEY, Grace  8 Feb 1987Tarrant County, Texas, USA I35878
16 CHEATHAM, Paschal Monroe  19 Jun 1972Tarrant County, Texas, USA I26800
17 CLUCK, Boyce Newman  28 Oct 1994Tarrant County, Texas, USA I41025
18 CLUCK, Tulsa Marie  3 Dec 1993Tarrant County, Texas, USA I37078
19 COBB, Garland W.  21 Jan 1989Tarrant County, Texas, USA I2982
20 DICKENS, Mable M.  22 Sep 1988Tarrant County, Texas, USA I31021
21 DONALDSON, Mary Louise  22 Jul 1999Tarrant County, Texas, USA I26455
22 DURON, Luisa  4 Aug 1992Tarrant County, Texas, USA I49480
23 EVANS, Ruby Roberta  31 May 1990Tarrant County, Texas, USA I26801
24 GAGE, Sarah Elisabeth  28 Mar 1937Tarrant County, Texas, USA I6966
25 GEFFERT, Bret Edward  8 Jul 1994Tarrant County, Texas, USA I492
26 GRUNWALD, Jack Olean  18 Jan 1991Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36391
27 HARDIN, (Unnamed Boy)  18 Jan 1982Tarrant County, Texas, USA I40077
28 HENDRICKS, Woodrow Wilson  23 Oct 1996Tarrant County, Texas, USA I37077
29 HOLT, James  3 Dec 1983Tarrant County, Texas, USA I47851
30 HOOD, Nettie M.  20 Jul 1988Tarrant County, Texas, USA I40102
31 HUNTER, Edna Beatrice  14 Aug 1994Tarrant County, Texas, USA I540
32 JACKSON, James Buford  11 Mar 1979Tarrant County, Texas, USA I30062
33 KING, Roy Lynn  22 Jan 1976Tarrant County, Texas, USA I39649
34 KNOBEL, Inez Elinor  24 Sep 1987Tarrant County, Texas, USA I40094
35 KRULL, Ernst Hermann Johann  13 Sep 1947Tarrant County, Texas, USA I24562
36 LEMLEY, Jack Alvin  6 Feb 1982Tarrant County, Texas, USA I30101
37 LOCKHART, Edward Aubrey  21 Jan 1984Tarrant County, Texas, USA I10422
38 LYNCH, Charles Augustus  10 Aug 1983Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36368
39 MANN, Hazel Dale  9 Jan 1983Tarrant County, Texas, USA I27305
40 MCKISSACK, William Ealon Jr.  24 Mar 1977Tarrant County, Texas, USA I40736
41 MCQUIRK, Kevin Christopher  23 May 1996Tarrant County, Texas, USA I33147
42 MEISENHEIMER, Paula Jean  19 Feb 1988Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36369
43 METCALF, Mahlen William  15 Apr 1985Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36372
44 MILLSAP, Wanda Leah  16 Apr 2000Tarrant County, Texas, USA I30067
45 NELSON, Betty Imogene  8 Apr 1987Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36397
46 O'REILLY, Frances Elsie  29 Jan 1980Tarrant County, Texas, USA I2689
47 PADDICK, Tiney Mae  24 Sep 1980Tarrant County, Texas, USA I40096
48 PARKS, Toy Fern  23 Feb 1996Tarrant County, Texas, USA I30095
49 PETERSON, Clarence Edgar  21 Oct 1983Tarrant County, Texas, USA I27635
50 PETERSON, Manson Malcolm  26 Mar 1975Tarrant County, Texas, USA I13526

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Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 HANSON, Lela Mae  11 May 1940Tarrant County, Texas, USA I49170
2 HORNBERGER, Robert Charles  25 Jun 1900Tarrant County, Texas, USA I12498
3 METCALF, Mahlen William  29 Apr 1910Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36372
4 METCALF, Mahlen William  9 Jan 1920Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36372
5 PORTER, James Wallis  22 Jun 1880Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36281
6 ROBINSON, Linly Barnett  19 Apr 1930Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36370
7 SWEANEY, Harvey Laremore  11 May 1940Tarrant County, Texas, USA I49169
8 WATKINS, Frances Louise  5 Apr 1930Tarrant County, Texas, USA I36371


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 HANSON, Lela Mae  1 Apr 1935Tarrant County, Texas, USA I49170
2 KNIGHT, Leota  1 Apr 1935Tarrant County, Texas, USA I48134
3 NANCE, Jeff Emory  1 Apr 1935Tarrant County, Texas, USA I48133
4 NIX, Olin Louis  7 Mar 1942Tarrant County, Texas, USA I46639
5 SWEANEY, Harvey Laremore  1 Apr 1935Tarrant County, Texas, USA I49169


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HOWK / BURLESON  1904Tarrant County, Texas, USA F8730
2 RICHARDSON / MAY  11 Dec 1938Tarrant County, Texas, USA F2189
3 TUMLINSON / BUTTRILL  28 Jun 1972Tarrant County, Texas, USA F2266

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