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The Genealogy of Robert and Christina Barritt

Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA


Tree: Dyal and Speckels

City/Town : Latitude: 29.236807, Longitude: -97.95995

Tree: Kessie and Jackson

City/Town : Latitude: 29.2369085, Longitude: -97.9600035


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Richard H.  21 Oct 1892Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I4529
2 ALLEN, Othal Audry  22 Nov 1913Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I30254
3 BAILEY, Fred Lee  25 Jul 1892Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I32855
4 DIXON, Iva Lynell  19 Dec 1939Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I10653
5 DIXON, Opal Alberta  11 Jun 1950Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I34779
6 DRURY, James B. Franklin  15 Mar 1917Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I34416
7 DYAL, Alma Myrtle  25 Apr 1899Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I3020
8 DYAL, Charley Lee  12 Nov 1892Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I42
9 DYAL, Edward Lee  1 Jun 1909Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I3013
10 DYAL, Elijay  3 Mar 1895Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I29
11 DYAL, Ernest Mayo  21 Jul 1894Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I3023
12 DYAL, Eula Marshall  26 May 1902Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I2613
13 DYAL, Florence Mille  16 Jan 1905Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I3018
14 DYAL, Hugo  25 May 1889Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I52
15 DYAL, Johnie Mae  4 Dec 1921Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I5663
16 DYAL, Olia Mae  11 Jun 1896Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I3022
17 DYAL, Otto Zeddie  22 Dec 1918Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I35
18 DYAL, William Lee  7 May 1920Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I45
19 FELLERS, John Willis  7 Aug 1889Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I22
20 FELLERS, Opal Elizabeth  29 Jun 1915Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I28
21 GAGE, Valverde  1 Nov 1881Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I27281
22 GREER, William Henry  20 Sep 1890Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I35985
23 HEMBY, Elvin Ray  19 Apr 1937Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I9226
24 HOBBS, Elbee  27 Jul 1891Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33761
25 MCMAINS, Georgia Edna  28 Jul 1902Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I27284
26 MCMAINS, Learner Blackmon  6 Jan 1907Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I27287
27 MCMAINS, Verde Ella  14 Oct 1915Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I27289
28 MILNER, Boyd Hugh  7 Jul 1893Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33674
29 MINTS, Everett  12 Jun 1903Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I20413
30 MINTS, George Everett   I20412
31 STOBB, Reichard Neill  12 Oct 1928Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I10396
32 TREADWELL, Edgar  12 Sep 1915Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33322
33 TUMLINSON, Elba Clinton  25 Feb 1897Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I2519
34 TUMLINSON, Gladys Mae  9 Apr 1909Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I2488
35 TUMLINSON, Jesse James  19 May 1894Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I1156
36 TUMLINSON, John Clinton  1 Oct 1904Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I32839
37 TUMLINSON, Johnnie Lee  18 Sep 1921Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I29418
38 TUMLINSON, Sidney Jackson  3 Jun 1901Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33566
39 WEST, Irma Earline  29 Jan 1917Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I34536
40 WILEY, Abner Ross  11 Sep 1906Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I34728
41 WILEY, Britt  7 Feb 1892Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I80
42 WILEY, Fay Beth  29 Apr 1942Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I34731
43 WILEY, Louis William  18 Sep 1869Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33775
44 WILKINSON, Ernest Franklin  13 May 1936Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33505
45 WILKINSON, Marion Hampton  17 Oct 1928Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I14209
46 WILKINSON, Roy Edward  21 Jan 1922Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I44261


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLARK, William Charles  14 Oct 1921Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I34674
2 DENNING, Ima Ruth  11 Feb 2008Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I20396
3 DYAL, Annie Ross  12 Jun 1997Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I23
4 DYAL, Mary Etta  27 Jan 1930Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I3071
5 HEMBY, Jack H.  5 Jun 1929Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I32862
6 HOBBS, Roy Houston  14 Oct 1923Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33769
7 JACKSON, Aaron William  19 Feb 1928Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I3070
8 LEASMAN, Frederick W.  13 Jul 1930Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I29407
9 MAY, Sarah Jane  7 Jul 1955Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33776
10 MILLER, Florence Lydia Leona  5 Oct 1972Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I4547
11 NEELEY, Thomas Jefferson  3 Feb 1918Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I32767
12 POOLEY, Frank Richard  28 Jan 1963Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I34848
13 POOLEY, Harvey Edward  4 May 1938Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I32765
14 REEVES, Niles  5 Aug 1945Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I9249
15 TUMLINSON, Hallie Pauline  11 Oct 1974Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I1155
16 TUMLINSON, Joseph Marion  15 Feb 1934Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I1151
17 WEST, Benjamin Phillip  16 May 1931Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I9279
18 WEST, Jane  12 Oct 1927Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I32768
19 WILEY, Emma  5 Dec 1960Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I32863
20 WILEY, Fay Beth  3 May 1942Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I34731
21 WILEY, Lillian Inez  11 Mar 2004Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I34775
22 WILEY, Louis William  26 Jul 1945Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33775
23 WILKINSON, Mary Jane  22 Nov 1974Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I30269
24 WILKINSON, Samuel W.  3 Aug 1929Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33400
25 WILKINSON, William Edward  13 Oct 1960Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I1140
26 WILKINSON, William Hampton  30 May 1934Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I30322


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MOODY, Martin Luther Jr.  Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I277
2 SMITHEY, William Paul  Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I35142
3 WILEY, Louis William  27 Jul 1945Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33775


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 HEMBY, Harvey Everett  27 Jan 1920Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I27
2 HEMBY, Jack H.  27 Jan 1920Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I32862
3 KENSINGTON, Arnold J.  17 Jan 1920Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I10615
4 TUMLINSON, John J.  17 Jan 1920Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I470
5 TUMLINSON, Lillie E.  17 Jan 1920Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I10614
6 WILEY, Emma  27 Jan 1920Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I32863


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, John Wesley  5 Jun 1918Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I4540
2 ADAMS, William Hence  5 Jun 1918Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I3063
3 BOWDEN, Herbert Horton  28 Aug 2007Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I9263
4 CHILDRESS, Donna Gail   I34788
5 DENNING, Ima Ruth  11 Feb 2008Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I20396
6 DIXON, Clara Jane   I34785
7 DIXON, Herbert Maurice  8 May 1983Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I34776
8 DIXON, Herbert Maurice Jr.   I34787
9 DIXON, Iva Lynell  29 May 2002Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I10653
10 DIXON, Iva Lynell  25 Dec 2002Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I10653
11 DIXON, John Roe  5 Jun 1918Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I34855
12 DIXON, John Roe  17 Jun 1973Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I34855
13 DIXON, Lillian Maurine   I34781
14 DIXON, Rutha Elizabeth   I34783
15 DYAL, Annie Ross  12 Jun 1997Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I23
16 DYAL, Elijay  5 Jun 1917Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I29
17 DYAL, John Jasper  26 Apr 1932Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I3067
18 DYAL, Lillie Ola  26 Apr 1932Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I3064
19 EVERETT, Elizabeth Dru   I34814
20 FELLERS, Opal Elizabeth  29 May 1957Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I28
21 FIELDER, Elizabeth Gale   I33410
22 FOREMAN, Imogene  16 Dec 2000Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I34866
23 GANN, Carlton Lee  23 Apr 1955Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I30326
24 HASTINGS, Herbert Solomon  24 Mar 1985Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I20395
25 HEMBY, Elvin Ray  10 Aug 2002Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I9226
26 HEMBY, Harvey Everett  29 May 1957Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I27
27 HOBBS, Elbee  5 Jun 1917Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33761
28 HOBBS, Stella Belle  5 Jun 1917Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33765
29 HOBBS, Vera Maude  5 Jun 1917Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33764
30 IRVIN, Sadie Elizabeth  4 May 1982Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I32654
31 JACKSON, Dorothy Jean   I9261
32 JACKSON, Faye Dell  11 Jan 1992Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I9259
33 JACKSON, Mary Magdalene  19 Mar 1981Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I81
34 JACKSON, William Frederick  29 Dec 1961Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I84
35 JONES, Donald Wayman   I34873
36 LEASMAN, Alice Melvina  16 Apr 1964Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I29371
37 LEASMAN, Lloyd Justin  3 Oct 1970Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I14221
38 LINGO, Randall Gene   I32729
39 LITTON, Donna Paulette   I10425
40 LYNN, Robert Harold   I34790
41 MAGEE, Alma Brown  28 Aug 1989Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I34849
42 MAY, Sarah Jane  7 Jul 1955Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33776
43 MCGUFFIN, Rutha Indiana  15 Jan 1944Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I34856
44 MILLER, Florence Lydia Leona  5 Oct 1972Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I4547
45 MILNER, Alvin Denver  5 Jun 1917Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33676
46 MILNER, Boyd Hugh  5 Jun 1917Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33674
47 MILNER, Boyd Hugh  14 Oct 1923Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33674
48 MILNER, Boyd Hugh  30 Sep 1978Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I33674
49 MINTS, Everett  26 Sep 1971Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA I20413
50 OFFERMANN, Mary Louise   I33059

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Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DYAL / FELLERS  11 Nov 1909Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA F1036
2 KING / REED  25 Nov 1926Stockdale, Wilson, Texas, USA F909
3 MINTS / KING   F2153

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