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The Genealogy of Robert and Christina Barritt

Potter County, Texas, USA


Tree: Dyal and Speckels
Notes: county seat: Amarillo

County/Shire : Latitude: 35.20789, Longitude: -101.834668


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOMAR, Charles Emery  27 Feb 1982Potter County, Texas, USA I45954 Dyal and Speckels 
2 BOMAR, Wil T.  18 Sep 1974Potter County, Texas, USA I45952 Dyal and Speckels 
3 BURLESON, McCrory McDonald Jr.  25 Mar 1946Potter County, Texas, USA I37713 Dyal and Speckels 
4 FUNDERBURG, Kenneth Earl  1 Oct 1932Potter County, Texas, USA I14411 Dyal and Speckels 
5 THOMPSON, Cammye Louise  14 Jul 1983Potter County, Texas, USA I43149 Dyal and Speckels 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 (BURRELL), Geraldine  26 Dec 1995Potter County, Texas, USA I5539 Kessie and Jackson 
2 ALSUP, Elizabeth Loyce  28 Nov 1982Potter County, Texas, USA I1223 Kessie and Jackson 
3 ATTAWAY, Verna Inez  30 Oct 1991Potter County, Texas, USA I51525 Dyal and Speckels 
4 BROADUS, Wilma Jeanne  18 Jul 1992Potter County, Texas, USA I2282 Kessie and Jackson 
5 BUTTRILL, John Brit  3 Jan 1985Potter County, Texas, USA I2860 Kessie and Jackson 
6 CASTELLAW, Ida Mae  1 Sep 1980Potter County, Texas, USA I3802 Dyal and Speckels 
7 CLAY, Edna Ruth  30 Aug 1986Potter County, Texas, USA I5483 Kessie and Jackson 
8 COOK, Frank Charles  25 Jan 1980Potter County, Texas, USA I1222 Kessie and Jackson 
9 COWART, Demic  7 Jun 1984Potter County, Texas, USA I46036 Dyal and Speckels 
10 FRANCO, Georgia  25 Feb 1995Potter County, Texas, USA I30794 Dyal and Speckels 
11 FRIEMEL, Aloysius Rudolph  20 Nov 1992Potter County, Texas, USA I45975 Dyal and Speckels 
12 FUNDERBURG, John Earl  3 Feb 1981Potter County, Texas, USA I4116 Dyal and Speckels 
13 GILMER, Henry Wiley  25 Oct 1990Potter County, Texas, USA I2025 Kessie and Jackson 
14 GRIFFIN, L. D. Jr.  29 Sep 1997Potter County, Texas, USA I45933 Dyal and Speckels 
15 HERNDON, Clyde Wayne  26 Jan 1991Potter County, Texas, USA I45977 Dyal and Speckels 
16 JACKSON, Elizabeth Nan  9 May 1968Potter County, Texas, USA I117 Kessie and Jackson 
17 MERCHANT, Ira C.  13 Dec 1981Potter County, Texas, USA I31557 Dyal and Speckels 
18 MONKEN, Arthur George  25 Nov 1957Potter County, Texas, USA I23052 Dyal and Speckels 
19 NELMS, Ella Mae  10 Feb 1985Potter County, Texas, USA I4044 Dyal and Speckels 
20 NELMS, Paul Clutter  14 Mar 1996Potter County, Texas, USA I9614 Dyal and Speckels 
21 NORMAN, Elbert Leeman  27 Sep 1981Potter County, Texas, USA I5044 Kessie and Jackson 
22 SHORT, Ernestine Varee  1 Dec 1995Potter County, Texas, USA I45976 Dyal and Speckels 
23 SPITLER, William Murray  8 Mar 1947Potter County, Texas, USA I3763 Dyal and Speckels 
24 THOMPSON, Cammye Louise  22 Sep 1983Potter County, Texas, USA I43149 Dyal and Speckels 
25 THURMAN, Lestra Kaye  5 Mar 1993Potter County, Texas, USA I41503 Dyal and Speckels 
26 WILLIAMS, Berry E.  31 May 1979Potter County, Texas, USA I32152 Dyal and Speckels 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BURLESON / (BURLESON)  14 Oct 1968Potter County, Texas, USA F28802 Dyal and Speckels