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The Genealogy of Robert and Christina Barritt

North Carolina, USA


Tree: Dyal and Speckels

State/Province : Latitude: 35.7595731, Longitude: -79.0192997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 (ALDRIDGE), Nancy  Abt 1801North Carolina, USA I30834 Dyal and Speckels 
2 (EMERSON), Mary E.  1842North Carolina, USA I50118 Dyal and Speckels 
3 (JONES), Nancy  Abt 1796North Carolina, USA I2958 Dyal and Speckels 
4 (OWEN), Jane R.  Abt 1822North Carolina, USA I1917 Dyal and Speckels 
5 (PADGETT), Dorcas  Abt 1835North Carolina, USA I51296 Dyal and Speckels 
6 (WARNER), Lillie J.  Abt 1889North Carolina, USA I27096 Dyal and Speckels 
7 ALDRIDGE, William  Abt 1799North Carolina, USA I30833 Dyal and Speckels 
8 ANDREWS, Elizabeth  Abt 1780North Carolina, USA I4174 Dyal and Speckels 
9 ARMSTRONG, Thomas D.  Abt 1802North Carolina, USA I2981 Dyal and Speckels 
10 BARBEE, Horace Green  30 Apr 1800North Carolina, USA I1148 Kessie and Jackson 
11 BARRINGER, Catherine Jane  9 Aug 1824North Carolina, USA I36060 Dyal and Speckels 
12 BRANCH, Nancy  Abt 1816North Carolina, USA I36481 Dyal and Speckels 
13 BRODIE, D.  1797North Carolina, USA I1205 Kessie and Jackson 
14 BURLESON, David Jr.  17 Aug 1785North Carolina, USA I1599 Dyal and Speckels 
15 BURLESON, Hopson  24 Jan 1806North Carolina, USA I7190 Dyal and Speckels 
16 BURLESON, Isaac  1765North Carolina, USA I8308 Dyal and Speckels 
17 BURLESON, James  4 May 1775North Carolina, USA I1891 Dyal and Speckels 
18 BURLESON, Johnathan  15 Feb 1790North Carolina, USA I5252 Dyal and Speckels 
19 BURLESON, Jonathan Adair  6 Oct 1789North Carolina, USA I1645 Dyal and Speckels 
20 BURLESON, Sarah  16 Mar 1795North Carolina, USA I1924 Dyal and Speckels 
21 BURLESON, Volley  Abt 1795North Carolina, USA I1904 Dyal and Speckels 
22 BURTON, Sarah  12 Apr 1824North Carolina, USA I36858 Dyal and Speckels 
23 BUTTRILL, Elizabeth  Abt 1799North Carolina, USA I601 Kessie and Jackson 
24 BUTTRILL, John  Abt 1800North Carolina, USA I404 Kessie and Jackson 
25 BUTTRILL, Mary "Lou"  Abt 1795North Carolina, USA I629 Kessie and Jackson 
26 BUTTRILL, Nancy  19 Dec 1794North Carolina, USA I631 Kessie and Jackson 
27 BUTTRILL, Thomas  23 Oct 1796North Carolina, USA I614 Kessie and Jackson 
28 CATHEY, Sam Taylor  23 Oct 1878North Carolina, USA I5279 Dyal and Speckels 
29 CULP, Florence  11 Sep 1876North Carolina, USA I5484 Dyal and Speckels 
30 DANCE, John Spencer  11 May 1821North Carolina, USA I6536 Kessie and Jackson 
31 DAVIS, Rebecca  10 Jul 1833North Carolina, USA I23121 Dyal and Speckels 
32 EMERSON, Robert Moore  1845North Carolina, USA I50117 Dyal and Speckels 
33 EMERSON, Samuel Alexander  25 Jan 1810North Carolina, USA I4743 Dyal and Speckels 
34 FREEMAN, Eliza H.  28 Aug 1831North Carolina, USA I4005 Dyal and Speckels 
35 FREEMAN, Tyre  North Carolina, USA I30837 Dyal and Speckels 
36 GARRARD, Stanford L.  7 Aug 1816North Carolina, USA I1553 Kessie and Jackson 
37 GAUSE, Ann Rebecca  10 Oct 1810North Carolina, USA I12133 Dyal and Speckels 
38 GODWIN, Myrtle  Abt 1893North Carolina, USA I33101 Dyal and Speckels 
39 GREEN, Annie  9 Dec 1875North Carolina, USA I51194 Dyal and Speckels 
40 GUNN, John Benjamin  1803North Carolina, USA I4610 Kessie and Jackson 
41 HAMPTON, Susie A.  Abt 1874North Carolina, USA I42393 Dyal and Speckels 
42 HARTSELL, Carrie E.  Abt 1858North Carolina, USA I29866 Dyal and Speckels 
43 HARTSELL, George  7 May 1802North Carolina, USA I4896 Dyal and Speckels 
44 HICKMAN, Allmon Horace  15 Jan 1898North Carolina, USA I3035 Dyal and Speckels 
45 HOBSON, Sarah  Abt 1785North Carolina, USA I25137 Dyal and Speckels 
46 HOLLWAY, Fannie  Dec 1859North Carolina, USA I49929 Dyal and Speckels 
47 HOLMES, Elizabeth A. R.  21 Feb 1801North Carolina, USA I1276 Kessie and Jackson 
48 HOWIE, William (Rev)  1797North Carolina, USA I4577 Dyal and Speckels 
49 HUNT, Mary Ann Caroline  1808North Carolina, USA I1143 Kessie and Jackson 
50 HYATT, G. W.  18 Dec 1818North Carolina, USA I117 Dyal and Speckels 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 SOUTH, Ira Walter  1918North Carolina, USA I12341 Dyal and Speckels 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDERSON, Wyatt Jackson  North Carolina, USA I3799 Dyal and Speckels 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 BLACKLEY, Eunice James  1 Apr 1935North Carolina, USA I46047 Dyal and Speckels 
2 WALKER, Wade Clifton  1 Apr 1935North Carolina, USA I13614 Dyal and Speckels 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 WHITE / WILKERSON  9 Sep 1819North Carolina, USA F293 Dyal and Speckels