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The Genealogy of Robert and Christina Barritt

Limestone County, Texas, USA


Tree: Dyal and Speckels
Notes: county seat: Groesbeck

County/Shire : Latitude: 31.522343, Longitude: -96.535074


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BURLESON, Corley  11 Oct 1876Limestone County, Texas, USA I12372
2 BUTTRELL, Highley A.  Nov 1879Limestone County, Texas, USA I3575
3 BUTTRILL, Annie Augustus  12 May 1878Limestone County, Texas, USA I2655
4 BUTTRILL, Claud Ezell  15 Jun 1894Limestone County, Texas, USA I2668
5 BUTTRILL, Diedra Minnie May  27 May 1879Limestone County, Texas, USA I2656
6 BUTTRILL, Hellon  27 Jul 1899Limestone County, Texas, USA I2670
7 BUTTRILL, Mary Ann E.  11 Aug 1870Limestone County, Texas, USA I3567
8 BUTTRILL, Sarah Elizabeth  Sep 1860Limestone County, Texas, USA I2942
9 BUTTRILL, Victoria Virginia  6 Apr 1877Limestone County, Texas, USA I2654
10 BUTTRILL, William Harvey  14 Mar 1896Limestone County, Texas, USA I2669
11 BUTTRILL, William Thomas  8 Mar 1854Limestone County, Texas, USA I1065
12 COX, William Maywood  18 Sep 1879Limestone County, Texas, USA I27311
13 FIELDER, Thomas Richard  20 Apr 1865Limestone County, Texas, USA I52074
14 HANNAH, Edna Nathella  20 May 1892Limestone County, Texas, USA I45158
15 HOLLAND, Beulah  8 Oct 1878Limestone County, Texas, USA I4768
16 REED, Pauline  19 Jan 1910Limestone County, Texas, USA I42260
17 RICHARDSON, Minnie O.  Jun 1898Limestone County, Texas, USA I3059
18 ZELLNER, Nellie Lura  6 Apr 1908Limestone County, Texas, USA I32626


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROUGHTON, John C.  19 Apr 1981Limestone County, Texas, USA I30736
2 BURLESON, Aaron James  11 Aug 1931Limestone County, Texas, USA I12370
3 BURLESON, Lemuel Josh  28 Mar 1992Limestone County, Texas, USA I42259
4 BUTTRILL, Docia  1 Oct 1889Limestone County, Texas, USA I2665
5 BUTTRILL, Mary Ann E.  11 Mar 1883Limestone County, Texas, USA I3567
6 BUTTRILL, Thomas E.  20 Feb 1897Limestone County, Texas, USA I585
7 BUTTRILL, William Thomas  14 Dec 1880Limestone County, Texas, USA I570
8 COX, Ola Mable  10 Jun 1992Limestone County, Texas, USA I30484
9 MCDANIEL, Amanda Caroline  1898Limestone County, Texas, USA I587
10 REYNOLDS, Lula Ann  27 Jun 1983Limestone County, Texas, USA I30586
11 SPENCER, Kathryn Louise  25 Oct 1999Limestone County, Texas, USA I36848
12 WARD, John Van Buren  4 Oct 1989Limestone County, Texas, USA I42268
13 ZELLNER, Harry Erwin  20 Jul 1930Limestone County, Texas, USA I32628


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 (SEALE), Mariah  1 Jun 1870Limestone County, Texas, USA I27596
2 (SEALE), Mariah  9 Jun 1880Limestone County, Texas, USA I27596
3 BURLESON, Aaron James  13 Jun 1860Limestone County, Texas, USA I12370
4 BURLESON, Albert John  21 Jun 1880Limestone County, Texas, USA I12353
5 BURLESON, Annie K.  13 Jun 1860Limestone County, Texas, USA I12366
6 BURLESON, Bill Maurice  2 Apr 1930Limestone County, Texas, USA I46783
7 BURLESON, Charles Isaac  13 Jun 1860Limestone County, Texas, USA I7397
8 BURLESON, Elizabeth  13 Jun 1860Limestone County, Texas, USA I7264
9 BURLESON, John  13 Jun 1860Limestone County, Texas, USA I12350
10 BURLESON, John  21 Jun 1880Limestone County, Texas, USA I12350
11 BURLESON, John Darwin  10 Apr 1930Limestone County, Texas, USA I42270
12 BURLESON, John Darwin  12 Apr 1940Limestone County, Texas, USA I42270
13 BURLESON, Lemuel Josh  10 Apr 1930Limestone County, Texas, USA I42259
14 BURLESON, Lemuel Josh  12 Apr 1940Limestone County, Texas, USA I42259
15 BURLESON, Mary Ann  13 Jun 1860Limestone County, Texas, USA I6917
16 BURLESON, Mary Josephine  21 Jun 1880Limestone County, Texas, USA I12358
17 BURLESON, Richard Loyd  2 Apr 1930Limestone County, Texas, USA I46790
18 BURLESON, Thomas Isaac  21 Jun 1880Limestone County, Texas, USA I12357
19 BURLESON, Vivia  21 Jun 1880Limestone County, Texas, USA I12352
20 CLINE, Mable Claire  16 Apr 1940Limestone County, Texas, USA I42269
21 COX, Claude Ishmael  3 Feb 1920Limestone County, Texas, USA I30485
22 COX, Leroy J.  3 Feb 1920Limestone County, Texas, USA I30486
23 COX, Ola Mable  3 Feb 1920Limestone County, Texas, USA I30484
24 COX, William  3 Feb 1920Limestone County, Texas, USA I30483
25 COX, William Isom  10 Jul 1860Limestone County, Texas, USA I30481
26 COX, William Isom  7 Jun 1880Limestone County, Texas, USA I30481
27 COX, William Isom  4 Jun 1900Limestone County, Texas, USA I30481
28 COX, William Maywood  7 Jun 1880Limestone County, Texas, USA I27311
29 COX, William Maywood  3 Feb 1920Limestone County, Texas, USA I27311
30 DANIEL, James Asberry  19 Jan 1920Limestone County, Texas, USA I45682
31 DANIEL, Rosie May  19 Jan 1920Limestone County, Texas, USA I14491
32 GIBSON, Buna  22 Apr 1910Limestone County, Texas, USA I18369
33 GOFF, Eliza A.  13 Jun 1860Limestone County, Texas, USA I6916
34 INGRAM, Lottie Bell  17 May 1910Limestone County, Texas, USA I32629
35 INGRAM, Lottie Bell  28 Jan 1920Limestone County, Texas, USA I32629
36 INGRAM, Lottie Bell  7 Apr 1930Limestone County, Texas, USA I32629
37 KIDD, Fannie Rebecca  21 Jun 1880Limestone County, Texas, USA I12351
38 MALLORY, Osceola  19 Jan 1920Limestone County, Texas, USA I45683
39 MCMAINS, Calvin Carlisle  5 Jun 1900Limestone County, Texas, USA I2401
40 MCMAINS, Daniel Woodlief  5 Jun 1900Limestone County, Texas, USA I2402
41 MCMAINS, Emma Ollie  5 Jun 1900Limestone County, Texas, USA I2404
42 MCMAINS, George Clinton  5 Jun 1900Limestone County, Texas, USA I2409
43 MCMAINS, Joseph Landie  5 Jun 1900Limestone County, Texas, USA I2408
44 MCMAINS, Lela Bettie  5 Jun 1900Limestone County, Texas, USA I2403
45 MCMAINS, Lina Gertrude  5 Jun 1900Limestone County, Texas, USA I2407
46 MCMAINS, Lina Gertrude  3 Feb 1920Limestone County, Texas, USA I2407
47 MCMAINS, Minnie Ola Mae  5 Jun 1900Limestone County, Texas, USA I2406
48 MCMAINS, Robert Elijah  5 Jun 1900Limestone County, Texas, USA I2399
49 MCMAINS, Robert Franklin  5 Jun 1900Limestone County, Texas, USA I2405
50 PALANS, Dovie Lou  2 Apr 1930Limestone County, Texas, USA I46791

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Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BURLESON, John Darwin  1 Apr 1935Limestone County, Texas, USA I42270
2 BURLESON, Lemuel Josh  1 Apr 1935Limestone County, Texas, USA I42259
3 CLINE, Mable Claire  1 Apr 1935Limestone County, Texas, USA I42269
4 REED, Pauline  1 Apr 1935Limestone County, Texas, USA I42260
5 WARD, John Van Buren  1 Apr 1935Limestone County, Texas, USA I42268
6 WARD, Rita Jo  1 Apr 1935Limestone County, Texas, USA I42261


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BURLESON / CALLOWAY  20 Nov 1904Limestone County, Texas, USA F8729
2 BURLESON / DORWOOD  6 Apr 1904Limestone County, Texas, USA F8728
3 BURLESON / SLOAN  29 Jan 1879Limestone County, Texas, USA F5196
4 BUTTRILL / GANDY  23 Aug 1902Limestone County, Texas, USA F2540
5 BUTTRILL / PRINGLE  12 Jul 1876Limestone County, Texas, USA F734
6 FERGUSON / BURLESON  8 Nov 1877Limestone County, Texas, USA F9797
7 OPRY / BURLESON  28 Jan 1876Limestone County, Texas, USA F9796
8 SOUTH / BURLESON  21 Mar 1861Limestone County, Texas, USA F4849

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