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The Genealogy of Robert and Christina Barritt

Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA


Tree: Dyal and Speckels

City/Town : Latitude: 29.950489, Longitude: -96.257671


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROSSMANN, Metta  12 Aug 1866Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3956
2 DELAY, Martha Belle  21 Nov 1902Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12553
3 DITTERT, Viola May  28 Jun 1912Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I9674
4 GLENN, Ada Zorinda  20 Feb 1885Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12547
5 GRANVILLE, Maurice Frederick  13 Mar 1888Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12598
6 HELLMUTH, Agnes Libussa  7 Dec 1888Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10117
7 HELLMUTH, Charles Frederick  22 Oct 1886Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12539
8 HELLMUTH, Edgar Max  12 Feb 1902Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12545
9 HELLMUTH, Edna Lenora  4 Nov 1891Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12561
10 HELLMUTH, Emilie Franciska  21 Nov 1883Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12537
11 HELLMUTH, Erna Anna  16 Sep 1889Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12560
12 HELLMUTH, Ernest William  24 Mar 1891Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12540
13 HELLMUTH, Eugen  13 Nov 1885Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12538
14 HELLMUTH, Gardner Benjamin  16 Apr 1893Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12541
15 HELLMUTH, Gustav Adolph  19 Jan 1885Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12558
16 HELLMUTH, Hermann Frederick  22 Sep 1887Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12559
17 HELLMUTH, Irwin Bennett  21 Jul 1898Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12563
18 HELLMUTH, Julia Louise  3 Nov 1880Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12557
19 HELLMUTH, Lenora Louise  10 Aug 1897Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12543
20 HELLMUTH, Lina  27 Nov 1878Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12531
21 HELLMUTH, Lydia Manetta  8 Oct 1896Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12562
22 HELLMUTH, Marcus Isidor  30 Dec 1899Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12544
23 HELLMUTH, Marguerite Josephine  4 May 1895Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12542
24 HELLMUTH, Minnie Laura  11 Jan 1879Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12556
25 KOPISCH, Adolph  22 Apr 1867Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3897
26 KRUEGER, Sidney Steve  14 Jun 1918Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I51434
27 MILLER, Charles S.  26 Aug 1862Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I13598
28 SCHAVRDA, Viola Louise  5 Aug 1919Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I51435
29 SCHENK, Lisette  20 Oct 1869Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3958
30 TOMLINSON, Hendley Edgar  14 Oct 1888Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12611
31 TRENCKMANN, Robert  2 Feb 1887Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10164
32 WILSON, Sarah Elizabeth  15 Oct 1899Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12552
33 YOUNG, George Alexander  10 Mar 1857Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10234


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOELSCHE, Henry Herman  2 May 1958Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I9019
2 BUELOW, Emma Anna  9 Mar 1953Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3938
3 CARTER, Quintus Elton  2 Jul 1946Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10119
4 DITTERT, Edward  23 Nov 1949Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12546
5 FROELICH, Gustav Adolph  13 May 1948Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I24468
6 GLENN, Ada Zorinda  15 Apr 1958Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12547
7 HELLMUTH, Adolph Gustav  30 Dec 1928Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3940
8 HELLMUTH, Amalia Bertha  26 Oct 1951Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12530
9 HELLMUTH, Charles Frederick  14 Oct 1925Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3936
10 HELLMUTH, Eugen  16 Dec 1885Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12538
11 HELLMUTH, Herrman Gustav  18 Jun 1900Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10228
12 HELLMUTH, Lina  16 Oct 1968Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12531
13 HELLMUTH, Lydia Manetta  4 Aug 1897Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12562
14 HELLMUTH, Rosa  2 Apr 1884Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10229
15 HIMLY, Paul F.  20 Jun 1953Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I30157
16 KOCH, Marie  11 Sep 1880Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3937
17 LEVIEN, Louise Marie  6 Dec 1950Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3893
18 NEUMANN, Morris Leon  20 Dec 1997Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I13972
19 NEUMANN, Wilson George  8 Apr 1980Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I13971
20 SCHAVRDA, Viola Louise  25 Nov 2011Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I51435
21 STECK, Dr. Otto Edward  10 Jan 1952Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12534
22 VON ROSENBERG, Annie Louise  10 Jun 1973Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10108
23 VON ROSENBERG, Clara Antonie  11 Jan 1903Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3886


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HELLMUTH, Minnie Laura  Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12556
2 SCHLAPOTA, Frank John  Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12564
3 TOMLINSON, Hendley Edgar  Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12611
4 VON ROSENBERG, Alma Julie  Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12606


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CARTER, Quintus Elton  7 Apr 1930Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10119
2 CARTER, Quintus Elton  13 Apr 1940Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10119
3 FROELICH, Charlotte Wilhelmine Libussa  8 Jun 1900Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10227
4 FROELICH, Gustav Adolph  8 Apr 1930Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I24468
5 GOEBEL, Pauline  14 Jan 1920Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I32791
6 GRANVILLE, Bessie  2 Jun 1900Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3713
7 GRANVILLE, James Benjamin  9 Jun 1880Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I6217
8 GRANVILLE, James Benjamin  2 Jun 1900Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I6217
9 GRANVILLE, Maurice Frederick  2 Jun 1900Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12598
10 HELLMUTH, Amalia Bertha  10 Jun 1880Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12530
11 HELLMUTH, Charles Frederick  10 Jun 1880Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3936
12 HELLMUTH, Herrman Gustav  8 Jun 1900Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10228
13 HELLMUTH, Lina  10 Jun 1880Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12531
14 KOCH, Marie  10 Jun 1880Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3937
15 KOPISCH, Adolph  10 Jun 1880Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3897
16 KOPISCH, Arthur  10 Jun 1880Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10160
17 LLOYD, Andrew Jackson  16 Jul 1860Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I1407
18 LLOYD, James Hamilton  16 Jul 1860Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I27821
19 MENKE, Lisette  8 Jun 1880Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12616
20 MILLER, Mathilda B.  1 Jun 1900Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I30198
21 SCHENK, Hulda  8 Jun 1880Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I6218
22 SCHENK, Hulda  2 Jun 1900Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I6218
23 SCHENK, Lisette  8 Jun 1880Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3958
24 THOMPSON, Sarah Ann  16 Jul 1860Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I27822
25 TRENCKMANN, Robert  1 Jun 1900Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10164
26 TRENCKMANN, William A.  1 Jun 1900Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I30197
27 VON ROSENBERG, Annie Louise  7 Apr 1930Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10108
28 VON ROSENBERG, Annie Louise  13 Apr 1940Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10108
29 VON ROSENBERG, Annie Louise  27 Apr 1942Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10108
30 VON ROSENBERG, Carl Johannes  10 Jun 1880Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3950
31 WESTERMANN, Erna Emma  2 Jun 1900Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I25726


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BOELSCHE, Henry Herman  2 May 1958Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I9019
2 BUELOW, Emma Anna  19 Apr 1948Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3938
3 CARTER, Quintus Elton  5 Jun 1917Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10119
4 CARTER, Quintus Elton  1 Apr 1935Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10119
5 CARTER, Quintus Elton  27 Apr 1942Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10119
6 CARTER, Quintus Elton  2 Jul 1946Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10119
7 DEHNEL, Fred William  1 Aug 1998Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I25835
8 FROELICH, Gustav Adolph  13 May 1948Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I24468
9 HELLMUTH, Lenora Louise  19 Apr 1948Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12543
10 HELLMUTH, Lina  19 Apr 1948Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12531
11 KOPISCH, Adolph  21 Mar 1904Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I3897
12 KRUEGER, Sidney Steve  15 Feb 1993Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I51434
13 LAAS, Ernest Grover  4 Jun 1917Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I25725
14 STECK, Dr. Otto Edward  19 Apr 1948Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I12534
15 VON ROSENBERG, Annie Louise  1 Apr 1935Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10108
16 VON ROSENBERG, Annie Louise  10 Jun 1973Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I10108
17 WESTERMANN, Erna Emma  23 Dec 1987Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA I25726


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROZ / MACAT  26 Sep 1946Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F33921
2 CARTER / DITTERT  11 Oct 1931Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F4289
3 DITTERT / HELLMUTH  17 May 1905Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F8821
4 FINCK / VON ROSENBERG  16 Dec 1917Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F7174
5 HELLMUTH / GLENN  21 Sep 1912Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F8823
6 HELLMUTH / KOCH  15 Jan 1875Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F2767
7 HELLMUTH / WILSON  20 Jun 1921Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F8828
8 LAMBERTH / HELLMUTH  27 Aug 1919Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F8836
9 NEESE / VON ROSENBERG  10 Dec 1919Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F7175
10 SCHLAPOTA / HELLMUTH  26 Aug 1901Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F8831
11 SMITH / HELLMUTH  20 Jan 1917Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F8826
12 STECK / HELLMUTH  20 Apr 1904Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F8818
13 VON ROSENBERG / BROSSMANN  9 May 1889Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F2780
14 VON ROSENBERG / HELLMUTH  26 Feb 1908Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F7169
15 VON ROSENBERG / SCHENK  12 May 1891Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F2781
16 WILSON / HELLMUTH  12 Feb 1908Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F8835
17 YOUNG / HELLMUTH  9 Jan 1894Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA F7235

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