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The Genealogy of Robert and Christina Barritt

Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA


Tree: Dyal and Speckels
Notes: Known as Neese's Store prior to May 7, 1873.

City/Town : Latitude: 30.017918, Longitude: -96.731697


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALBERS, Elo Gerhard  12 Sep 1896Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3658
2 ALBERS, Fredrich Gerhard  9 Jun 1865Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3656
3 ALBERS, Johanna Conardine Dorothea  10 Apr 1884Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3647
4 ALBERS, John Henry Jr.  15 Sep 1860Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3651
5 ALBERS, Katie Louise Johanne  10 Apr 1884Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3648
6 ALBERS, Louise Wilhelmine Catherine  5 Nov 1858Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3650
7 ALBERS, Odell Walter  7 Jan 1899Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3659
8 ASCHEN, Pauline Williamina  6 Mar 1851Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I2943
9 CARTER, Quintus Elton  23 Aug 1888Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I10119
10 FINCK, William Frederick  23 Aug 1892Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I10124
11 FROELICH, Leslie Garret  9 Jan 1889Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3605
12 FROELICH, Nellie  13 Sep 1892Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3606
13 GERDES, Gesine  12 Oct 1885Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I35550
14 IMKEN, George Christian  13 Feb 1871Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I35407
15 IMKEN, John Frederick  4 Apr 1869Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I38544
16 IMKEN, Otto Fridrich Heinrich  5 Feb 1872Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I35391
17 KEILERS, Friedrich Gerhard  7 Jan 1872Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I49371
18 KEILERS, George Charlie  3 Dec 1875Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6442
19 KEILERS, Gustav Frederick  9 May 1889Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6450
20 KEILERS, Hugo William  20 Oct 1892Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6451
21 KEILERS, John Henry  28 Feb 1873Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6441
22 KRUSE, Johanna Ehrumse  5 Nov 1876Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I51407
23 NEESE, Earl Conrad  16 Sep 1889Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6394
24 SPECKELS, Anna Meta Elise  10 Nov 1867Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3603
25 SPECKELS, Clara Meta  4 Dec 1872Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3620
26 SPECKELS, Emma Johanna  22 Jan 1872Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3611
27 SPECKELS, Henry William  15 Jan 1864Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I2971
28 SPECKELS, Johanne C.  30 Nov 1854Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I2939
29 SPECKELS, Lina Johanna  22 Nov 1871Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6092
30 SPECKELS, Lucy Helene  24 Mar 1870Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3608
31 TIEMANN, Henrietta Katharina Wilhelmine  23 Jul 1860Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6368
32 WEIKEL, Theophiel Ferdinand  18 Jan 1872Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3621
33 ZIESE, Helmuth Ferd Jr.  21 Feb 1941Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I51408
34 ZIESE, Nelda Anita  10 Jan 1922Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I51369
35 ZIESE, Roland Bernhard  24 Nov 1919Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I51368


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALBERS, Johanna Conardine Dorothea  4 Nov 1960Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3647
2 KEILERS, George Charlie  6 Aug 1937Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6442
3 KEILERS, Lillian  5 May 1921Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I35503
4 KRUSE, Johanna Ehrumse  3 Oct 1955Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I51407
5 MEINARDUS, Albert  28 Jun 1929Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I30474
6 SPECKELS, Eilerd  16 Oct 1861Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3593


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 (LETZERICH), Auguste  2 Jul 1880Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I5349
2 ALBERS, Anna Margarethe Cathrine  6 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3644
3 ALBERS, Johanna Conardine Dorothea  26 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3647
4 CARTER, Dr. James Thomas  2 Jul 1880Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3624
5 HELLER, Elizabeth V.  2 Jul 1880Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I13824
6 IMKEN, Henry Alvin  2 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I33714
7 KEILERS, Anna  20 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6447
8 KEILERS, Arnold Emil  20 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I25700
9 KEILERS, August Friedrich Eilert  12 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6443
10 KEILERS, Edwin  20 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I25696
11 KEILERS, Eilert Heinrich  6 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6089
12 KEILERS, Elda  12 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I30469
13 KEILERS, George Charlie  6 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6442
14 KEILERS, Gilbert Hugo  20 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I25699
15 KEILERS, Herbert Henry  12 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I30471
16 KEILERS, Hugo William  6 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6451
17 KEILERS, John Henry  20 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6441
18 KEILERS, Leonie A.  12 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I30470
19 KEILERS, Lorenz William  20 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I25701
20 KEILERS, Mary  6 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6448
21 KEILERS, Milton  20 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I25702
22 KEILERS, Quintos  12 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I30472
23 KEILERS, Werner G.  20 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I25698
24 KEILERS, Wilma  20 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I25697
25 KNOOP, Anna  22 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I29633
26 LETZERICH, Carl  2 Jul 1880Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I5327
27 LETZERICH, Cooney  2 Jul 1880Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6085
28 MARBURGER, Atlan Edward  9 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I32350
29 MARBURGER, Otto E.  9 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I32354
30 MEINARDUS, Johanna  12 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I30468
31 NEESE, Conrad L.  2 Jul 1880Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I13823
32 OESER, Alfred Willie  23 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I14219
33 OESER, Archie Herman  23 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I14220
34 OESER, Walter  23 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6082
35 SCHUBERT, Edmund Julius  22 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I29632
36 SCHUBERT, Louise  9 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I32355
37 SCHUBERT, Norma Louise  22 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6080
38 SPECKELS, Bettie  23 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3643
39 STRUVE, Elizabeth  20 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6446
40 WALTER, Louis  2 Jul 1880Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I2936
41 ZIESE, Charles Henry Gerhard  26 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I49195
42 ZIESE, Helmuth Ferd J.  26 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I51366
43 ZIESE, Nola Delta Martha  26 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I51367
44 ZIESE, Roland Bernhard  26 Jan 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I51368


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Confirmation    Person ID 
1 ALBERS, Louise Wilhelmine Catherine  24 Mar 1872Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3650
2 ZIESE, Roland Bernhard  16 Apr 1934Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I51368


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 ALBERS, Carl Gerhard August  23 Feb 1868Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3660
2 ALBERS, Johann Gerhard Christian  10 Oct 1886Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I49323
3 ALBERS, Johanna Conardine Dorothea  3 Aug 1884Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3647
4 ALBERS, Katie Louise Johanne  3 Aug 1884Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3648
5 CARTER, Effie Emma Laura Mina  18 Nov 1883Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I24507
6 FINCK, Frederick Henry  18 Aug 1867Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I13820
7 IMKEN, Alwin Herman  31 Oct 1886Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I38537
8 IMKEN, Emil William  31 Oct 1886Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I38536
9 IMKEN, Emma Helen  13 Aug 1882Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I38546
10 IMKEN, George Christian  6 Aug 1871Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I35407
11 IMKEN, George Conrad  6 Jul 1867Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I35384
12 IMKEN, Gerhard  23 May 1869Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I35385
13 IMKEN, John Frederick  1871Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I38544
14 IMKEN, Ludwig Conrad Wilhelm Gerhard  20 Mar 1864Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I49370
15 IMKEN, Otto Fridrich Heinrich  29 Dec 1872Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I35391
16 IMKEN, Paulina Henriette  9 Jan 1876Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I49385
17 KEILERS, Friedrich Gerhard  31 Jan 1972Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I49371
18 KEILERS, George Charlie  23 Jul 1876Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6442
19 KEILERS, John Henry  18 May 1873Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6441
20 MUELLER, Arthur Friedrich Louis  13 Jul 1884Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6452
21 MUELLER, Clara Emma Helene Henriette  1 Jul 1894Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6455
22 MUELLER, Ella Ida Wilhelmine Caroline  28 Jun 1891Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6454
23 MUELLER, Emma Catharine Henriette  5 May 1878Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6444
24 MUELLER, Otto Gerhard Diedrich  13 Jun 1880Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6445
25 MUELLER, Selma Maria Auguste Caroline  19 Jun 1887Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6453
26 MUELLER, Wilhelm Carl Johann Emil  21 Jan 1883Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I49244
27 NEESE, Aurel Johann Carl  5 Oct 1884Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3636
28 NEESE, Walter Gerhard  25 Jun 1882Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3635
29 SCHOLZ, Lena Bertha  20 Mar 1892Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6409
30 SCHOLZ, Olga Anna  20 Mar 1892Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6425
31 SPECKELS, Albert George Eduard  29 Oct 1876Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3623
32 SPECKELS, Alvin William  25 Jun 1882Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3628
33 SPECKELS, Anna Meta Elise  5 Dec 1868Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3603
34 SPECKELS, Auguste  8 Sep 1875Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6104
35 SPECKELS, Charles Henry  23 Aug 1868Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3637
36 SPECKELS, Clara Meta  1 Nov 1874Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3620
37 SPECKELS, Elo Wenzel  8 Aug 1886Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6107
38 SPECKELS, Emma Johanna  20 Apr 1873Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3611
39 SPECKELS, Gustav Gerhard  8 Aug 1886Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3629
40 SPECKELS, Johanna Clementine  1 Nov 1874Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3622
41 SPECKELS, John August  25 Jun 1882Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3627
42 SPECKELS, Lillian Edna  20 Mar 1892Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I2976
43 SPECKELS, Lina Johanna  9 Jun 1872Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6092
44 SPECKELS, Lucy Helene  18 Jun 1871Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3608
45 SPECKELS, Rudolph George Johann  25 Jun 1876Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I3614
46 TIEMANN, Henrietta Katharina Wilhelmine  20 Jan 1861Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6368
47 VON MINDEN, Gerhard Johann Diedrich  16 Jul 1876Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6396
48 ZIESE, Roland Bernhard  11 Apr 1920Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I51368


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 KEILERS, George Charlie  6 Aug 1937Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6442
2 KEILERS, Hugo William  27 Apr 1942Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6451
3 KEILERS, Walter John  28 Sep 1932Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I6449
4 MARTH, Theodor Wilhelm  18 Mar 1961Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I51406
5 SCHLOTTMANN, Lina  28 Jun 1929Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I30475
6 WUNDERLICH, Kermit  6 Oct 2012Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA I51421


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALBERS / MOELLENBERNDT  16 Dec 1880Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA F2593
2 ALBERS / MOELLENBERNDT  11 Feb 1892Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA F2602
3 MUELLER / ALBERS  14 Dec 1876Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA F2597
4 SPECKELS / ASCHEN  9 Feb 1871Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA F972
5 WUNDERLICH / ZIESE  15 Nov 1947Warrenton, Fayette, Texas, USA F33917

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