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The Genealogy of Robert and Christina Barritt

Lubbock County, Texas, USA


Tree: Dyal and Speckels
Notes: county seat: Lubbock

County/Shire : Latitude: 33.58504, Longitude: -101.844828


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Cecil Odell  24 May 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26613
2 COOK, Robert Dalmes  5 Mar 1938Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26422
3 DENNY, E’Laine  2 Dec 1957Lubbock County, Texas, USA I53348
4 DUNLAP, Florece Dell  2 Oct 1924Lubbock County, Texas, USA I49918
5 MCGOWAN, Kenneth Maurice  3 Mar 1937Lubbock County, Texas, USA I43828
6 STEWART, Kary Wayne  2 Dec 1956Lubbock County, Texas, USA I39566


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (HERRING), Mattie Alice  9 Feb 1996Lubbock County, Texas, USA I9025
2 BREWSTER, Melba Mae  20 Feb 1991Lubbock County, Texas, USA I51543
3 BURLESON, John Washington  11 Mar 1947Lubbock County, Texas, USA I5850
4 CABELDUE, Bobby L.  24 Dec 1994Lubbock County, Texas, USA I28863
5 CABELDUE, Marvin Lee  9 Nov 1994Lubbock County, Texas, USA I14433
6 CHILDRESS, Irene  17 Dec 1984Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26312
7 CLIFTON, Edward C.  29 Oct 1931Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26147
8 CORLEY, Charley Edward  17 Jan 1987Lubbock County, Texas, USA I10570
9 DAVIS, Emily Rebecca  11 Jul 1998Lubbock County, Texas, USA I46263
10 DIEBEL, Clyde Wayne  18 Apr 1993Lubbock County, Texas, USA I30294
11 FULLER, Bonnie  12 May 1989Lubbock County, Texas, USA I23107
12 HEWLETT, Harry Hubert  17 May 1989Lubbock County, Texas, USA I51883
13 HILL, Roxie Ellen  7 May 1990Lubbock County, Texas, USA I38854
14 HOLLEY, Donnell Clay  16 Apr 1997Lubbock County, Texas, USA I51542
15 HUMPHREYS, John Wesely  7 Jan 1998Lubbock County, Texas, USA I46651
16 ISBELL, Maud Ellen  17 Apr 1963Lubbock County, Texas, USA I10458
17 KNIGHT, Leota  31 Aug 1995Lubbock County, Texas, USA I48134
18 LAYTON, Leola Geraldean  11 Sep 1985Lubbock County, Texas, USA I51552
19 NANCE, Jeff Emory  26 Oct 1996Lubbock County, Texas, USA I48133
20 OATS, William Noel  3 Apr 1997Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26318
21 OLIVE, Waulsie Rachel  19 Dec 1985Lubbock County, Texas, USA I51666
22 RAINWATER, Robert Mack  26 Mar 2000Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26431
23 RATCLIFF, Orestes Theodore  25 Nov 1997Lubbock County, Texas, USA I51871
24 RAY, Jewell  29 Jun 1992Lubbock County, Texas, USA I34517
25 SCHOENFELD, Raymond Neal  21 May 1997Lubbock County, Texas, USA I33084
26 SOOTER, David E.  15 Jul 1955Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26378
27 SPARKMAN, Leatrice Mozelle  22 Mar 1992Lubbock County, Texas, USA I46366
28 TANNERY, Dellmer Fred  15 Aug 1989Lubbock County, Texas, USA I49917
29 WHITE, Opal Leona  16 Sep 1977Lubbock County, Texas, USA I5649
30 WILLIAMS, Marshall C.  5 Nov 1993Lubbock County, Texas, USA I38852


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 (SOOTER), Adda  28 Jan 1920Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26379
2 (SOOTER), Adda  9 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26379
3 BURLESON, Buford Cooksey  4 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26083
4 BURLESON, Gerald Edwin  4 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26127
5 BURLESON, Joe Dee  4 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26126
6 BURLESON, Kate Ross  3 May 1910Lubbock County, Texas, USA I43084
7 BURLESON, Odie Lou  4 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26128
8 BURLESON, Odis Oscar  4 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26102
9 BURLESON, Truman Becton  4 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26125
10 CALDWELL, Dora Elizabeth  19 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26424
11 CALDWELL, James Andy  19 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26452
12 CARTER, Lula Lavenia  19 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26453
13 CLIFTON, Edward C.  22 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26147
14 CLIFTON, Elmina Parlee  22 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26137
15 LYNN, Ernest Theodore  3 Feb 1920Lubbock County, Texas, USA I29561
16 MORRISON, Gertie Ellen  22 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26148
17 PRICE, William Clark  3 May 1910Lubbock County, Texas, USA I45836
18 PRICE, William P.  3 May 1910Lubbock County, Texas, USA I45838
19 PRICE, Zethel O’Wayne  3 May 1910Lubbock County, Texas, USA I45837
20 SOOTER, David E.  28 Jan 1920Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26378
21 SOOTER, David E.  9 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26378
22 SOOTER, Fred Dee  28 Jan 1920Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26369
23 SOOTER, Fred Dee  9 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26369
24 STEPP, Willie Laura  4 Apr 1930Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26124


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BROUN, Charles Lee  10 Jun 1980Lubbock County, Texas, USA I41045
2 BURLESON, Truman Becton  1 Apr 1935Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26125
3 CHILDRESS, Irene  1 Apr 1935Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26312
4 CLIFTON, Elmina Parlee  1 Apr 1935Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26137
5 GENTRY, John Canon  1 Apr 1935Lubbock County, Texas, USA I26311
6 HAMPTON, Dudley Boyd  24 Aug 1942Lubbock County, Texas, USA I4080


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRASHER / NICHOLAS  23 Dec 1923Lubbock County, Texas, USA F34539
2 BURLESON / CLIFTON  31 Jan 1934Lubbock County, Texas, USA F17995
3 BURLESON / HODGES  3 Aug 1955Lubbock County, Texas, USA F18119
4 BURLESON / YATES  9 Jan 1945Lubbock County, Texas, USA F17964
5 FULLER / TRUE  12 Jul 1933Lubbock County, Texas, USA F16084
6 HOLLEY / BREWSTER  1 Oct 1941Lubbock County, Texas, USA F33988
7 HOUSOUR / BURLESON  2 Mar 1918Lubbock County, Texas, USA F17989
8 LAMBERT / TUMLINSON  30 Jun 1936Lubbock County, Texas, USA F2004
9 SOOTER / TUCKER  23 Jun 1978Lubbock County, Texas, USA F18170

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