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The Genealogy of Robert and Christina Barritt

Lampasas County, Texas, USA


Tree: Dyal and Speckels
Notes: county seat: Lampasas

County/Shire : Latitude: 31.065599, Longitude: -98.177723


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLACKBURN, Bertha A.  25 Sep 1890Lampasas County, Texas, USA I53602
2 BROWN, Rev. George Hartwell  29 Aug 1908Lampasas County, Texas, USA I27112
3 BULLOCK, Lola Alice  22 Jan 1895Lampasas County, Texas, USA I48086
4 BURLESON, Edward David  20 Dec 1858Lampasas County, Texas, USA I7757
5 MILLER, Melvin Milton  3 Sep 1882Lampasas County, Texas, USA I34387
6 TUMLINSON, Charles William  31 Aug 1949Lampasas County, Texas, USA I820
7 TUMLINSON, Kenneth Dale  3 Nov 1931Lampasas County, Texas, USA I10515


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (BROWN), Mary Zetta  6 May 1955Lampasas County, Texas, USA I27113
2 BURLESON, John  13 Apr 1878Lampasas County, Texas, USA I4350
3 CASBEER, Thomas Jefferson Jr.  23 Nov 1985Lampasas County, Texas, USA I823
4 GROVES, William Chesterfield  6 Jan 1968Lampasas County, Texas, USA I830
5 HAHN, Mattie Martha  13 Jan 1968Lampasas County, Texas, USA I817
6 LONG, William Thomas  18 Oct 1953Lampasas County, Texas, USA I839
7 MACHEN, Nathaniel Renwick  Jan 1896Lampasas County, Texas, USA I36996
8 ROYE, Lula Belle  1 Jul 1989Lampasas County, Texas, USA I831
9 TUMLINSON, Joe Thomas  30 Aug 1947Lampasas County, Texas, USA I816
10 TUMLINSON, Joseph Emanuel  23 Dec 1969Lampasas County, Texas, USA I833
11 WOLF, Maud E.  18 Jan 1945Lampasas County, Texas, USA I3764


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 (BROWN), Mary Zetta  27 Apr 1910Lampasas County, Texas, USA I27113
2 (BROWN), Mary Zetta  6 Jan 1920Lampasas County, Texas, USA I27113
3 (BULLOCK), Nancy J.  25 Jun 1900Lampasas County, Texas, USA I48157
4 (BULLOCK), Nancy J.  17 May 1910Lampasas County, Texas, USA I48157
5 (SIMPSON), Palmyra J.  12 Jun 1880Lampasas County, Texas, USA I27084
6 BROWN, George H.  27 Apr 1910Lampasas County, Texas, USA I27114
7 BROWN, George H.  6 Jan 1920Lampasas County, Texas, USA I27114
8 BROWN, Rev. George Hartwell  27 Apr 1910Lampasas County, Texas, USA I27112
9 BROWN, Rev. George Hartwell  6 Jan 1920Lampasas County, Texas, USA I27112
10 BULLOCK, Lola Alice  25 Jun 1900Lampasas County, Texas, USA I48086
11 BULLOCK, Lola Alice  17 May 1910Lampasas County, Texas, USA I48086
12 BULLOCK, William H.  25 Jun 1900Lampasas County, Texas, USA I48156
13 BULLOCK, William H.  17 May 1910Lampasas County, Texas, USA I48156
14 BURLESON, Dena M.  19 Jun 1880Lampasas County, Texas, USA I5853
15 BURLESON, Edward  23 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I5064
16 BURLESON, Elizabeth Ellen  23 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I4409
17 BURLESON, James  23 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I4397
18 BURLESON, John  23 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I4350
19 BURLESON, John B.  23 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I4426
20 BURLESON, John Shipman  17 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I1942
21 BURLESON, John Tyler  17 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I1946
22 BURLESON, John W.  19 Jun 1880Lampasas County, Texas, USA I5852
23 BURLESON, John Washington  21 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I5850
24 BURLESON, John Washington  19 Jun 1880Lampasas County, Texas, USA I5850
25 BURLESON, Joseph Pride  21 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I4394
26 BURLESON, Margaret  23 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I6000
27 BURLESON, Margaret S.  21 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I26123
28 BURLESON, Martha Jane  17 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I1952
29 BURLESON, Mary Ann Washington  23 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I4401
30 BURLESON, Mary Rebecca  23 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I4425
31 BURLESON, Nancy Ann  23 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I5999
32 BURLESON, Sarah Louise  21 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I5857
33 BUTTRILL, James Samuel  2 May 1910Lampasas County, Texas, USA I2447
34 BUTTRILL, James Samuel  21 Jan 1920Lampasas County, Texas, USA I2447
35 BUTTRILL, James Samuel  21 Apr 1930Lampasas County, Texas, USA I2447
36 BUTTRILL, James Samuel  7 May 1940Lampasas County, Texas, USA I2447
37 BUTTRILL, Pauline Oletea  21 Jan 1920Lampasas County, Texas, USA I2425
38 BUTTRILL, Pauline Oletea  21 Apr 1930Lampasas County, Texas, USA I2425
39 BUTTRILL, Pauline Oletea  7 May 1940Lampasas County, Texas, USA I2425
40 CASBEER, Thomas Jefferson Jr.  26 Jan 1920Lampasas County, Texas, USA I823
41 COOKSEY, Cornelia Narcissus  19 Jun 1880Lampasas County, Texas, USA I5851
42 GROVES, William Chesterfield  19 Apr 1910Lampasas County, Texas, USA I830
43 GROVES, William Chesterfield  19 Mar 1920Lampasas County, Texas, USA I830
44 GROVES, William Chesterfield  22 Apr 1930Lampasas County, Texas, USA I830
45 JOHNSON, Mary E.  13 Aug 1870Lampasas County, Texas, USA I39992
46 MAULDIN, Martha J.  21 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I4405
47 MCGINNIS, Sarah  23 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I4384
48 MILLER, Melvin Milton  7 Jun 1900Lampasas County, Texas, USA I34387
49 MOORE, Andrew Bell  17 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I4348
50 MOORE, Mary T.  17 Jul 1860Lampasas County, Texas, USA I4345

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Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BELL, Benjamin Franklin  1 Apr 1935Lampasas County, Texas, USA I48594
2 BELL, DeAlva Faye  1 Apr 1935Lampasas County, Texas, USA I48553
3 BUTTRILL, James Samuel  1 Apr 1935Lampasas County, Texas, USA I2447
4 BUTTRILL, Pauline Oletea  1 Apr 1935Lampasas County, Texas, USA I2425
5 REID, Annie May  1 Apr 1935Lampasas County, Texas, USA I2448
6 STAPP, Eska Fay  1 Apr 1935Lampasas County, Texas, USA I48595


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FARQUHAR / TUMLINSON  20 Aug 1922Lampasas County, Texas, USA F18625
2 JONES / WHITED  13 Oct 1923Lampasas County, Texas, USA F27519
3 LONG / TUMLINSON  14 Dec 1898Lampasas County, Texas, USA F269
4 TUMLINSON / BEBOUT  18 Apr 1912Lampasas County, Texas, USA F7519
5 TUMLINSON / HAHN  20 Nov 1904Lampasas County, Texas, USA F267
6 TUMLINSON / HAHN  12 Jan 1909Lampasas County, Texas, USA F261
7 TUMLINSON / HAMILTON  1 Jan 1923Lampasas County, Texas, USA F7443
8 TUMLINSON / WARNER  9 Nov 1930Lampasas County, Texas, USA F268
9 TUMLINSON / WILLIAMS  20 Sep 1923Lampasas County, Texas, USA F6796
10 WARREN / NUNN  Nov 1857Lampasas County, Texas, USA F3798

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