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The Genealogy of Robert and Christina Barritt

Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA


Tree: Dyal and Speckels

City/Town : Latitude: 37.6144838, Longitude: -93.4104749


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BURLESON, Charlene Ann  27 Nov 1929Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37452
2 BURLESON, George Dewey Jr.  16 Mar 1931Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37425
3 BURTON, Ruby Irene  15 Jul 1897Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37449
4 VICKREY, Roy Elvy  8 Jan 1896Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I45632


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAXTER, Mary Ann  7 Sep 1929Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37451
2 BURLESON, Charlene Ann  1 Dec 1929Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37452
3 BURLESON, Charles William  12 Jan 1973Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37438
4 BURLESON, George Dewey  30 Jul 1986Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37427
5 BURLESON, George Dewey Jr.  14 Oct 2011Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37425
6 BURLESON, William Jerome  16 Aug 1930Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37434
7 BURTON, Ruby Irene  4 Dec 1929Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37449
8 BURTON, William E.  27 Apr 1939Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37450
9 FLOYD, Charles Delbert  3 Sep 2011Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37430


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BAXTER, Mary Ann  30 Apr 1910Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37451
2 BAXTER, Mary Ann  15 Jan 1920Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37451
3 BURLESON, Charles William  11 Apr 1930Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37438
4 BURLESON, William Jerome  7 Apr 1930Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37434
5 BURTON, Ruby Irene  30 Apr 1910Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37449
6 BURTON, Ruby Irene  15 Jan 1920Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37449
7 BURTON, William E.  30 Apr 1910Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37450
8 BURTON, William E.  15 Jan 1920Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37450
9 BURTON, William E.  11 Apr 1930Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37450
10 ZIEGLER, Anna Liza  7 Apr 1930Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37435


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BURLESON, Altha Ann  15 Dec 1975Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37429
2 BURLESON, Altha Ann  30 Jul 1986Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37429
3 BURLESON, Altha Ann  29 Sep 2004Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37429
4 BURLESON, Charles William  5 Jun 1917Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37438
5 BURLESON, Charles William  15 Jun 1923Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37438
6 BURLESON, Charles William  1 Dec 1929Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37438
7 BURLESON, Charles William  4 Dec 1929Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37438
8 BURLESON, Charles William  16 May 1930Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37438
9 BURLESON, Charles William  17 Oct 1958Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37438
10 BURLESON, Charles William  30 Nov 1969Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37438
11 BURLESON, Charles William  12 Jan 1973Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37438
12 BURLESON, Edwin Lincoln  5 Jun 1917Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37437
13 BURLESON, Edwin Lincoln  27 Sep 1921Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37437
14 BURLESON, George Dewey  12 Sep 1918Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37427
15 BURLESON, George Dewey  3 Jan 1921Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37427
16 BURLESON, George Dewey  16 May 1930Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37427
17 BURLESON, George Dewey  12 Jan 1973Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37427
18 BURLESON, George Dewey  30 Jul 1986Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37427
19 BURLESON, George Dewey Jr.  14 Oct 2011Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37425
20 BURLESON, William Jerome  12 Sep 1918Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37434
21 BURLESON, William Jerome  16 May 1930Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37434
22 BURTON, Ruby Irene  15 Jun 1923Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37449
23 CUNNYNGHAM, Mary Altha  8 Aug 1897Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37456
24 DYAL, Barbara Ellen  1997Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I2964
25 FARRIS, Altha Irene  3 Jan 1921Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37428
26 FARRIS, Altha Irene  2 Oct 1958Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37428
27 FARRIS, Altha Irene  15 Dec 1975Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37428
28 FARRIS, Louis Alexander  8 Aug 1897Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37455
29 FLOYD, Charles Delbert  8 Jun 1958Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37430
30 FLOYD, Charles Delbert  29 Sep 2004Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37430
31 GREEN, Della Mae  17 Jan 1943Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I40197
32 GREEN, Della Mae  30 Nov 1969Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I40197
33 VICKREY, Roy Elvy  5 Jun 1917Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I45632
34 VICKREY, Roy Elvy  16 Jan 1953Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I45632
35 ZIEGLER, Anna Liza  16 May 1930Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA I37435


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BURLESON / BURTON  15 Jun 1923Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA F25274
2 BURLESON / FARRIS  3 Jan 1921Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA F25267
3 FARRIS / CUNNYNGHAM  8 Aug 1897Bolivar, Polk, Missouri, USA F25286

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