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42001 while traveling for the Time Container Corporation TRAYLOR, Richard R. (I45337)
42002 Whitney Ave. FROELICH, Milton Edwin (I3699)
42003 Whitney Ave. FROELICH, Leo Edward (I3698)
42004 Whitney Ave. FROELICH, Nita Bertha (I3607)
42005 Whitney Ave. FROELICH, Nellie (I3606)
42006 Whitney Ave. FROELICH, Leslie Garret (I3605)
42007 Whitney Ave. FROELICH, Edward Adolf (I3604)
42008 Whitney Ave. SPECKELS, Anna Meta Elise (I3603)
42009 Wilbert was a farmer who had farmed the same land for over sixty years. He was a charter member of Christian Bible Church in Cissna Park, Illinois. He served on the school board, was a township supervisor and was involved with many civic organizations. GUDEMAN, Wilbert J. (I15950)
42010 Wilbur and Marjorie met traveling on a bus in Oklahoma. He was stationed there and she was in school and traveling back to her home. REID, Wilbur Raymond (I4955)
42011 Wilda Fay has two daughters, Julie and Cindy, and one son, Kenyon. INGRAM, Wilda Fay (I529)
42012 Wilhelm Friedrich’s godparents and witnesses were Fritz Strohmeier of Hofen and Fritz Kropf of Schlächtenhaus, both of legal age and unmarried; and Anna Katharina Kropf, unmarried of there. The witnesses of his burial were Fritz Strohmeier, unmarried of Hofen, and Friedrich Tschira, gravedigger of Hofen. KROPF, Wilhelm Friedrich (I22558)
42013 Wilhelm Friedrich’s godparents were Johan Jacob Kropf, unmarried and of legal age in Hofen; Johan Friedrich Lacher, unmarried and of legal age there; Ana Maria Kropf, unmarried daughter of Jacob Friedrich; and Ana Maria Senn, unmarried daughter of Friedlin Senn. The witnesses of the baptism were the male sponsors. The witnesses of his burial were Jakob Friedrich Lacher and Johann Jakob Kropf, both citizens and day laborers in Hofen. KROPF, Wilhelm Friedrich (I22512)
42014 Wilhelm Friedrich’s godparents were Wilhelm Lacher, worker in Hausen, and Berta Lacher, unmarried, born in Sallneck, residing in Basel. KROPF, Wilhelm Friedrich (I18194)
42015 Wilhelm married Rosina Tschavoll (b. 1804 Stetten, d. 1866 Stetten) in 1835 at Stetten. RUPP, Wilhelm (I16475)
42016 Wilhelm was previously married to Anna Maria Brombacher. BROMBACHER, Wilhelm (I20424)
42017 Wilhelmina’s second husband was Charles E. Girndt. EHLINGER, Wilhelmina (I24403)
42018 Wilhelm’s godparents were Jacob Friedrich Kropf, citizen in Ried, the brother of the father; Johann Jacob Schwald, citizen and joiner in Wies, brother of the mother; Verena Barbara née Rützler of Mittelheubronn, wife of Fridolin Kiefer, citizen and councilman in Fischenberg; and Anne Catharine née Trefzer of Fischenberg, wife of Jacob Friedrich Andris, citizen in Demberg. KROPF, Wilhelm (I18257)
42019 Wilhelm’s godparents were Johann Georg Sutter, citizen in Schlächtenhaus; Jakob Friederich Kropf, unmarried of Gresgen; Johann Georg Klemm, unmarried of Weitenau, the brother of her father; Anna Maria Kiefer, wife of Friederich Schlageter of Langensee; Verena Schlageter, widow of the late Martin Kropf of Gresgen; and Anna Maria Klemm, unmarried of Weitenau, the sister of her father. KLEMM, Wilhelm (I18646)
42020 Wilhelm’s godparents were Johann Jakob Schwald, citizen and joiner of Wies; Maria Katharina Senn née Grether of Ried; and Anna Maria Grether née Stubenvoll of Gresgen. Witnesses of the baptism were Johann Jakob Schwald, the sponsor, and Johann Jakob Kropf, citizen and tailor in Fischenberg. KROPF, Wilhelm (I17986)
42021 Wilhelm’s godparents were Josef Matt, citizen and farmer in Holl; Johann Friedrich Matt, unmarried of Holl; and Anna Maria Matt née Kiefer of Holl. MATT, Wilhelm (I17879)
42022 Wilhelm’s godparents were Karl Friedrich Kropf, unmarried of Sallneck; Johann Georg Lenz, unmarried of Langensee; and Anna Maria Schneider, unmarried of Langensee. LENZ, Wilhelm (I18488)
42023 Will Ave. MEARS, Ella (I47028)
42024 Will Ave. EVANS, John Grover (I47027)
42025 Will Ave. EVANS, Johnie Mae (I47026)
42026 will dated 11 Aug 1804, proved 1 Apr 1805 GRANBERRY, George (I56357)
42027 will dated 14 Oct 1760, proved Jul 1761 GRANBERRY, James (I56353)
42028 will dated 24 Jan 1808, proved 7 Mar 1808 GRANBERRY, Moses (I56356)
42029 Will proven in court January Term 1806 ANDREWS, Abraham (I55993)
42030 Will written 10 Mar 1823 “...afflicted in body”; proved in open court Jul 1823 KING, Robert (I52533)
42031 Will written 11 Dec 1815 (“...being in a very low state of health...”), proved in open court Jan 1816 KING, Mary (I52537)
42032 Will written 26 Sep 1797 (“...being sick & weak of body...”; proved in open court Feb 1808 TURVEY, William (I52539)
42033 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I24928)
42034 Willam, a seminary and law school graduate, served as grand master of a Masonic grand lodge of Kentucky. ALLEN, William Barrett (I36072)
42035 William "Ted" and Marguerite Dickens were the parents of four children. DICKENS, William Terrell (I2331)
42036 William Alonzo Taylor served as sheriff of Jim Hogg County, Texas from 1928 to 1950, the longest tenure in the county's history. He also served as a Texas Ranger and as a deputy sheriff in Jim Wells County, Texas. TAYLOR, William Alonzo (I262)
42037 William and Kathy Neureiter raised one child. NEUREITER, William (I1424)
42038 William Buttrill is enumerated in the 1830 US Census of Butts County with 4 male, 1 female, and 14 slaves on his homestead. He paid taxes in 1831 in the amount of $8.56. BUTTRILL, William (I402)
42039 William Clark was killed in an accident involving his horse and buggy. CLARK, William Ebenezer (I7332)
42040 William Dyal worked for Gulf Oil Company and Southern Pacific Railroad. DYAL, William Marietta (I3015)
42041 William graduated from Montesano High School in 1929 and studied agriculture at the Washington State University. He was a chief engineer for Washington Tug & Barge Company in Seattle, Washington. In 1948 he sold heavy equipment for the John Deere Company in Montesano, retired in 1965. He enjoyed hunting, fishing and tailoring. William was a member of St. Mark’s Epsicopal Church and the F&AM Lodge No. 43. TRENCKMANN, William Meerscheidt (I14225)
42042 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I357)
42043 William H. Buttrill moved with his family from Georgia to Texas sometime in the late 1850s to serve as overseer on his uncle Britton Buttrill's farm. He returned to Heard County, Georgia by 1863 because he enlisted from that county in that year. He died of typhoid fever while serving in Richmond, Virginia in June of 1863. It is unknown where he is buried because after William's father and brother went to claim the body in Richmond, they were forced to stop along the way home and bury him due to the smell. BUTTRILL, William H. (I732)
42044 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I360)
42045 William James Samford died in office as the governor of Alabama. SAMFORD, William James (I14044)
42046 William Lee “Will” Wright was a famous captain of the Texas Rangers and sheriff of Wilson County. Born in Caldwell County, he moved with his family to DeWitt County, and later to Wilson County. He participated in the transition of the Texas Rangers from their horseback era in the early 1900s to the modern rangers of the Texas Department of Public Safety after 1935. Will was one of the four rangers, known as the "Big Four,” who greatly affected this change. His belief that there should be less political interference and patronage in ranger affairs became one of the axioms of the new order.

Will participated in ranger operations in an intermittent way for nearly four decades. In his early life he was a cowboy on the Eckhardt Ranch in DeWitt County and the Rutledge Ranch in Karnes County. He served as a Justice of the Peace and in 1892 as a deputy sheriff of Wilson County. In 1898 he joined the Texas Rangers and ultimately became part of the company commanded by John M. Rogers. In 1902 he was elected sheriff of Wilson County. He was later elected president of the Texas Sheriffs' Association, serving in this post for fifteen years. In 1917 Governor William P. Hobby appointed him as Captain of Company “D” stationed out of Laredo. Except for a period of time between 1925 and 1927, Will served in this capacity until the end of the administration of Governor Ross S. Sterling in the early 1930s. Called el capitán diablo (the devil captain), he and the rangers under his command guarded the border during World War I, intervened in the railroad strikes of 1922, chased smugglers of tequila into the U.S. from Mexico, and brought law and order to such oil boom towns as Wink. He rejoined the rangers in 1935, served during the era of the Department of Public Safety, and left the service in 1939. Will was one of many relatives of to join the Texas Rangers that they came to be called "The Wright Family Rangers." Of his children, two became Texas Rangers. His brother, Milam H. Wright, also became a well-known ranger. 
WRIGHT, William Lee (I488)
42047 William Leigh was a member of Sandy Creek Baptist Church in Amelia County, Virginia when he was seventeen years old. At the age of twenty, on 5 Aug 1810, he was licensed to preach, and on 7 Apr 1821 he was ordained by the church. He attended the meeting of the Muscle Shoals Association in 1823 shortly after he moved to Alabama. About 1849 he moved to Kentucky and remained there about four years. In 1854 he returned to Alabama and resided in Moulton until the summer of 1856 when he moved to Florence. William was buried with masonic honors. LEIGH, William (I7259)
42048 William M. Spitler served as District Clerk for Burnet County, Texas. He was the first postmaster at Naruna, Texas, and he owned a furniture store in Burnet. SPITLER, William Marion (I3732)
42049 William Malcolm Graham, Jr. was called “Billy.” GRAHAM, William Malcolm Jr. (I3693)
42050 William Neese was a member of Woodmen of the World. NEESE, William (I2934)

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